Re: IPFilter Firewall Tutorial

2004-11-18 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Darryl Hoar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does anyone have a pointer to or know of a good tutorial for setting up a freebsd box as a firewall using IPFilter ? In the past, I have used the tutorial at: But it is for Freebsd 4.6-stable. I would need one

Re: 5.3 RELEASE downloaded

2004-11-06 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jay O'Brien [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just downloaded 5.3-RELEASE-i386-miniinst.iso from . File attributes are: 274400 KB11/5/2004 5:46:00 AM. Jay O'Brien ___ [EMAIL

Re: FreeBSD firewall for lazy people

2004-09-18 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Björn Lindström [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm finding that configuring firewall/NAT rules on the gateway to my PPP connection is too much of a headache. Are there any FreeBSD based firewall distributions, something like, but with some sort of wrapper

Re: Sysadmin magazine benchmarkings

2004-09-14 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Stefan Cars [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! I read the article on sys admin magazine ( where they benchmarked Linux, Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD regarding High-Performance Network Applications. This article is from 2001 and

Re: cam/passthrough device question

2004-07-22 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Wojciech Puchar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: i'm now running generic 5.2.1 kernel (to narrow list of possible sources). i have: atapci0: Intel PIIX4 UDMA33 controller port 0xf000-0xf00f at device 7.1 on pci0 ata0: at 0x1f0 irq 14 on atapci0 ata0: [MPSAFE] ata1: at 0x170 irq 15 on

Re: Openoffice

2004-07-19 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Osmany Guirola Cruz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi people.. simple question Where can i find a binary distribution of openoffice for FreeBSD ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list To

Re: help with pkg_update

2004-07-15 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Brent Bailey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello ..ive recently upgraded all our Freebsd systems to the lastest src using cvsup and the whole make buildworld procedure...all is good. Now i need to update the individual pkgs on the machine...iv read here and there about the use of pkg_update

Re: Need a network file system with Windows client and freeBSD server

2004-07-15 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Artem Koutchine [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi! I need sime kind of network file system which has a FreeBSD server and Windows clients (particulary Windows XP) and that FreeBSD file share must be mounted on Windows XP under a drive letter. Windows client is FAR FAR away and is behind

Re: Telnet - can't telnet is as root

2004-07-05 Thread peter lageotakes
--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I would like to telnet into my 4.9 RELEASE box using root. Currently when I try to telnet in as root I get the reply LOGIN root REGUSED (NOROOT). Does anyone know how I can configure my system to allow root to directly telnet in. I know that I can telnet in

Re: Hard drive problem... S-ATA/ATA and DMA error messages

2004-07-05 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Warren Block [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Rickard [ISO-8859-1] Borgmäster wrote: atapci1: VIA 8237 ATA133 controller port 0xfc00-0xfc0f at device 15.1 on pci0 ata0: at 0x1f0 irq 14 on atapci1 ata1: at 0x170 irq 15 on atapci1 [...] ad0: 156334MB Maxtor 6Y160P0

Re: Utility to guess a remote hosts operating system?

2004-06-23 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jan Grant [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Edd wrote: My question is: Does such a utility exist? I know nmap can guess os, but it takes a few seconds and a port scan is needed first. Is there just a simply util that can tell me without the port scan? How would

Re: FreeBSD weakness.

2004-06-19 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Lloyd Hayes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I finally decided that I needed to get more information on FreeBSD. I got it up and running, then I did something else and I start getting errors again So I just ordered 3 books on FreeBSD from Amazon. In most of the reviews posted there

Re: switching multiple Linux boxes to freebsd

2004-06-03 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jorge Mario G. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I have to switch several Linux boxes to FreeBSD I dont have local access to the boxes and the colo company is charging a lot for the set up. I long time ago I saw @ bsdnews a program to switch Linux to FreeBSD in real time but now I cant find

Re: Maya

2004-05-11 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Daniela [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Tuesday 11 May 2004 03:09, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am thinking of downloading a learning adition of MAYA and atempting to run it on my BSD box I am running X with a GNOME desktop I think this is an attempt at porting can anyone give me some

Re: Viewing *.chm files

2004-04-24 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Kyryll A Mirnenko [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can anybody point me to an application capable to view such files (or extract them into HTMLs)? For those asking what I'm talking about: *.chm is a MSWindows format to keep a set of HTMLs related info (content tree, index) in one

Re: How do I eliminate resolver delay??

2004-04-16 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jonathon McKitrick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Since I started my wireless network, I am getting odd delays when starting apps that I am told is the resolver. With the wired network, this does not happen. I've had ssh take longer than normal, I've had X take 3 minutes, and today

Re: How do I eliminate resolver delay??

2004-04-16 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jonathon McKitrick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 07:26:00PM +0200, Olaf Hoyer wrote: : So maybe I need to replace these when I connect to my wireless network? : : Yes, because in that case your notebook tries to reach your DNS server : at your workplace, and times

Re: How do I eliminate resolver delay??

2004-04-16 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jonathon McKitrick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 11:06:48AM -0700, peter lageotakes wrote: : FYI: If I remember correctly, running dhcpd : overwrites the resolve.conf. That's what caused my problem. I need a way to restore it when using the other network

Re: How can a user mount a CDROM?

2004-04-08 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Mazen S. Alzogbi [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, How can I grant myself (as a user and not root) the permission to mount/umount a cdrom? Thanks, -- Mazen S. Alzogbi ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

Re: how to check users weak password

2004-04-05 Thread peter lageotakes
--- RJ45 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I would like to implement a mechanism in which VERY poor and weak passwords are checked when the user try to change it with passwd command. Is there any application allowing this in the ports collection ? I am not talking about using Crack, but

For Myron or Byron

2004-04-03 Thread peter lageotakes
Sorry to distrub the list. I was having an off topic discussion with Myron/Byron @ Juno. I misplaced your email address. Can you resend. Pete = ESCape with VI. Cheese A La mode. __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Small Business $15K Web Design Giveaway

Re: 4.9-RELEASE doesn't recognize NIC

2004-03-31 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Daniela [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all! I'm installing FreeBSD 4.9 on a brand-new machine. The problem is that it doesn't recognize my network card, no matter what I do. The vendor ID is 10DE and the device ID is 0066 (the BIOS tells me these numbers). I have 4.9-STABLE sources

Re: pkg_add ?

2004-03-11 Thread peter lageotakes
--- stan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've moslty ever used the ports mechanisim to add things to my FreeBSD machines. However, I have a couple that have fairly small hard drives ( ~2G) and I was hoping to use pkg_add -r to add a few things without building from source. However, when I

Re: openoffice and java on 5.2

2004-03-10 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Gary Kline [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello Folks, I'm trying to install the latest OO on my 5.2 server, but for some reason, it can't see the java installation there. Originally, I had java/jdk14. No luck. Same with java/jdk13. Should I take the

Re: Firewall setup tutorial

2004-03-09 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Darryl Hoar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Greetings, I have used in the past as a guide to setting up my firewall. Does anyone have a better, more update one, as the acticle referenced is for freebsd 4.6, not the 5.x version. thanks, Darryl

Re: Where is Bill Paul's NDIS miniport driver wrapper?

2004-03-02 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Alistair Hamilton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, all I have installed the FreeBSD 5.2.1, which I assumed to be the latest available. However, it does not appear to have the NDIS miniport driver in the kernel source and there is no /sys/modules/ndis . I need this for my Centrino

Volari and potential FreeBSD driver

2004-02-24 Thread peter lageotakes
Good morning FreeBSD, I just received an email from XGI, with respect to new Linux Drivers for their graphics cards. I am currently trying to find out if they will support FreeBSD in Linux Binary Compatibility mode or do a native port. At present, I am awaiting to hear back from XGI. FYI:

Re: Andy Magana

2004-02-13 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Jud [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 04:12:10 -0800 (PST), Andreas Magana [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: I have recently installed BSD. My card is a Visiontek Xtasy Radeon 128MB AGP card. Can you reply with some recommendations because it is installed but I don't sse

Re: Options for a New Kernel

2004-02-10 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Gerard Seibert [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am still trying to learn how FreeBSD works. Can I create a new kernel file with the following entries or are they just for use in the loader.conf file? hint.acpi.0.disabled=0 # enable ACPI (i386 only) hw.ata.ata_dma=1 # enable

Re: quick java question.

2004-02-09 Thread peter lageotakes
--- r.w.h [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello its me again. now that i have freebsd 90% working the way i want. i have one final ok 2 final questions for now. some of the websites i use require java and flash. i know were the flash-plugin is but as far as java is. i have yet to find it in

Re: Dell 8600 a bad choice

2004-02-08 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Rob2 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It has a USB floppy and I haven't been able to get X to work. I'm using 5.2.1. Any hints are appreciated. Rob. ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

Re: Dell 8600 a bad choice

2004-02-08 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Rob2 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: peter lageotakes wrote: --- Rob2 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It has a USB floppy and I haven't been able to get X to work. I'm using 5.2.1. Any hints are appreciated. Rob. ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Desktop FreeBSD - is it up to it?

2004-02-07 Thread peter lageotakes
--- vext01 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I have been using freebsd for my web/database/music server for a while and it has performed flawlessly. good good! However recently I installed freebsd on my desktop too. I can do the things I want to, it just seems that i need to be root to

Re: about logo

2004-01-30 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Bubble Gum [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just want to ask (i'm sorry if it's a silly question),why freebsd logo use devil character? __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free web site building tool. Try it!

Re: X Windows

2004-01-30 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Matt Juszczak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, About 6 months ago, I was having trouble generating my X config file (so that it would run in 800x600, etc. etc.). The command line config would work but I would never know my video card, etc. Then someone told me a utility to use

RE: Installing OpenOffice from Ports Collection

2004-01-28 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Colin J. Raven [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: + On Tuesday 27 January 2004 07:27 am, Colin J. Raven wrote: + Hi all! + I'm trying to install OpenOffice-1.1 on FreeBSD4.9 RELEASE. + The installation halts - which is in itself highly unusual. + + Forget building it - get the binary.

Re: open office install fails after two days of installing

2004-01-25 Thread peter lageotakes
--- chip [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to install OpenOffice on a PII-350 and it has been running make install clean for two days now. It just failed with this messages - In file included from

Re: BSD Website

2004-01-15 Thread peter lageotakes --- zam4ever [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Currently I try to collect all BSD website and will put it online for future references. So far, these are in my list. Any other site that I missed? FreeBSD

Re: How do I add a third ATA controller to 4.8?

2004-01-12 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Paul Hoffman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 9:20 AM + 1/12/04, Martyn Hill wrote: Paul I notice that the kernel config file you present is using the old device ata lines - is the ATA controller a particularly old model? If not, then the LINT kernel config file shows an

Re: AMD Processors

2004-01-02 Thread peter lageotakes
Here are the 4.9 hardware specs: Here are the 5.1 specs: --- Sal Aldana [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was wondering which AMD Processors are compatible with FreeBSD. I have a Athlon

Re: OpenOffice

2004-01-01 Thread peter lageotakes
--- Chris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there just a binary install of OpenOffice? -- Best regards, Chris ___ [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to [EMAIL

Re: TTF fonts in XFree86

2003-12-23 Thread peter lageotakes
I believe its the xset command. You have to have x search its database for the new fonts. xset fp rehash The above should do the trick for you. Pete --- flux [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everyone, I want to use TrueType font

Re: TTF fonts in XFree86

2003-12-23 Thread peter lageotakes
--- peter lageotakes [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I believe its the xset command. You have to have x search its database for the new fonts. xset fp rehash The above should do the trick for you. Pete Sorry, forgot to mention

Re: a road to nowhere

2003-11-12 Thread peter lageotakes
Vittori, Perhaps this link might help. or in /usr/ports/devel/gnustep Hope you find your perfect window manager. Pete --- .VWV. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I still can't believe what people of GNOME and KDE have done. With GTK 1.x and KDE 2.x

Re: Freebsd on Macs

2003-10-29 Thread peter lageotakes
--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am wondering if it is currently possible to run freebsd on a Mac. please reply to [EMAIL PROTECTED] THANKS! The best thing to hit the internet in years - Juno SpeedBand! Surf the web up to

Learning to Walk: A Linux User Migrates to FreeBSD

2003-10-23 Thread peter lageotakes
This is the follow up (part 2) to Babe in the Woods: A Linux User Migrates to FreeBSD. Interesting article. However I disagree with the views about handbook being written at the admin. level (and more). The article could be more positive.

Re: Problems with ordinary user permissions

2003-10-19 Thread peter lageotakes
Please check out the FreeBSD FAQ: 9.22. How do I let ordinary users mount floppies, CDROMs and other removable media? Pete --- Anthony Carmody [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have been having a trouble getting

Re: whereis fails

2003-09-12 Thread peter lageotakes
I am not 100 percent sure but if memory serves; the man pages are a port by themselves (for xfree), at which point they get installed separately. Those ports should be on disc 1. You can use /stand/sysintall to get back into those ports. My second thought is building/rebuilding the locate

Re: Replacing an exchange 2000 server?

2003-09-04 Thread peter lageotakes
Some reference info for you. Hope they help. Link 1 is an Exchange Server replacement. Link 2 is a good article on Exchange Server Replacments.,289625,sid39_cid531597_tax293414,00.html Pete ---

Re: screen size is too large after freebsd install

2003-08-22 Thread peter lageotakes
Sorry about the top level reply. I missed the original posting. With respect to the plus and minus keys; are you using the ones on the keypad? I believe only the ones on key pad work. Sorry I am stuck on another machine (not fbsd), otherwise I would have tried it out. Pete --- Lee Harr [EMAIL

Re: books

2003-07-28 Thread peter lageotakes
Its hard to buy only one book. But if I must: FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating System for Your Personal Computer, Second Edition (with CD-ROM) By: Annelise Anderson (Bit Tree Press) # Paperback: 443 pages # ISBN: 0971204519 # List Price: $24.00 --- Karl Agee [EMAIL

Re: Mozilla and long time in resolving Hostnames

2003-07-22 Thread peter lageotakes
Rebuild you kernel without IPV6. There is somewhere between 3 and 4 references to IPV6 in the configuration file. Just make sure they are commented out and you will be good to go. Happy surfing, Pete --- Mica Telodico [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all , I've just installed FreeBSD 4.8 .

Re: spell checker for mozilla 1.4

2003-07-20 Thread peter lageotakes
Have you check out Under downloads there is a version for FreeBSD 5.0/Mozilla 1.2.x Pete --- sweetleaf [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a spell checker xpi or port for mozilla 1.4? The only ones i have found were for linux and solaris. I tried patching the mozill

Re: md5 files

2003-07-15 Thread peter lageotakes
Please check out: They also have links to windows utilities for md5 check sum. FYI: I have had better luck with the DOS based utility (GUI version appears to lock up). Pete --- dark matrix [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: im runnig windows xp pro

Re: how to view and open file.db file.mdb?

2003-06-23 Thread peter lageotakes
Sorry if this question has been answered. You can use the file command to figure out what type of file it is. file filename or you can use the ls command. If its a text file, use your fav text editor like VI. Pete --- Matt Heath [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Marlon Corleone wrote: hi, im

Re: Minimum base and X footprint

2003-06-15 Thread peter lageotakes
Hello, I ran into this link a few days ago, its about building a minBSD. Its geared toward FreeBSD. Hope that helps. FYI: I havent tried it. Pete --- iLLfated [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Lo all, I recently obtained a 486/75 toshiba satellite laptop.

Re: X doesn't work

2003-06-14 Thread peter lageotakes
Hello Scott, Are you using the FreeBSD/Linux driver for X? Below is the link for the drivers: What version of FreeBSD are you running? --- Scott Miller [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi List, Where should I start on troubleshooting this? I


2003-06-13 Thread peter lageotakes
Hello all, I was just doing some double checking through some of the CVS doc's and I noticed that there are 2 tags for FreeBSD 4.8: IE RELENG_4_8 vs. RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE. Is there any difference between those two tags? FYI: I do not wish to ride on the edge of tag=. Any insight would be

s3 warning

2003-06-06 Thread peter lageotakes
Hi all, I have a small problem with X11. When I log out, I get: s3v: warning: VerticalRetraceWait timed out(1:3). s3v: warning: VerticalRetraceWait timed out(3:3). s3v: warning: VerticalRetraceWait timed out(1:3). s3v: warning: VerticalRetraceWait timed out(3:3). Any thoughts or suggestions