2003-01-28 Thread Aslak Evang
It seems like my IMAPd is loaded, but not correctly. How can I tell IMAPd to use my authentication information? And how should I configure IMAPd? My problem is that when I try to log in to my accounts from squirrelmail it says their are not availible. Althought I used the right password and

Re: Nvidia support for FreeBSD 5 ?

2003-02-02 Thread Aslak Evang
I was just wondering if anyone has an idea when the NVIDIA drivers are going to be supported in FreeBSD 5 ... The current drivers work fine, you just have to comment out five lines in the build-file in the /src subdir of the tarball. I'm running 5.0 with the Nvidia official drivers on my

problems with 4.8 release?

2003-04-04 Thread Aslak Evang
howdy. I upgraded from 4.7 to 4.8 release today and have had some trouble afterwards. Firstly, MySQL suddenly started using huge amounts of memory, diskspace and cpu resulting in kernel errors Secondly, when doing ports operations the computer starts endless copies of make, until i get Cannot

sendmail, making new mc, error

2003-06-05 Thread Aslak Evang
I get this error when running the helpscript make install from /etc/mail: ([EMAIL PROTECTED] /etc/mail) make install install -c -m /etc/mail/ install: invalid file mode: *** Error code 64 Stop in /etc/mail. The only info I found doing a search on google

browsing windows drives with samba

2003-02-06 Thread Aslak Evang
I've used samba a lot for browsing my freebsd drives with my windows pc's, but whats the best way to do it the other way around? I've read about smbclient, but I've been told in Linux there are kernel modules you can load to be able to browse windows network shares like you would normally in a

FBSD 5.0, Geforce 440 Go, KDE3.1

2003-02-06 Thread Aslak Evang
I installed FBSD 5 on my Toshiba laptop a week ago. I've installed KDE 3.1 and I'm using the NVIDIA drivers with X. At, what seems to me like, totally random times, the system locks up hard and needs to be switched off and on again to work. I know the Nvidia drivers doesn't support 5.0, but if I