Re: [GKD] Flaws in India's Model e-Governance Project

2003-10-01 Thread Udit Chaudhuri
It is high time to find a technology that will end this holy cow computerisation, so typical of India. I don't know if this attitude holds in other 3rd world countries too. The same thing happenned in several organisations including banks and commercial firms throughout the 70s to the 90s, that

[GKD] Social Appropriation of ICTs in Jamaica

2003-10-01 Thread Tony Roberts
Regarding Karin Delgadillo's posting on the social use and appropriation of ICTs in Jamica you may be interested to learn of the work of some of Computer Aid's partners. Computer Aid has sent professionally refurbished PCs to Kingston School to St Patrick's Youth Training Project and on two

Re: [GKD] New Book Highlights Priorities for WSIS

2003-10-01 Thread S Woodside
Nice to see this list is back after the hiatus. I have heard that the Civil Society groups have been having trouble at the WSIS prepcoms. I do not see how a world information SOCIETY can be discussed without a full and adequate treatment of the concerns of the Civil Society representatives. simon

[GKD] Low-Cost Computers for the Developing World?

2003-10-01 Thread Sudhakar Chandra Interesting question being posed by the author: Should the developing world fund research to build a low cost (read around $100) computer or invest in building IT/education upon the platform of a device such as internet-capable