Re: KR> Fuel header tank

2017-01-16 Thread CHRIS GARDNER via KRnet
Deon, CG shift with the header tank is a non -issue. I have a 12 US Gal. header tank from RR in my KR2S and the change in trim from full to almost empty is only a couple of bars on the trim indicator . Aluminum is probably superior in chemical resistance from auto fuels and less likely to leak

KR> Carbeuretors

2014-05-20 Thread Chris Gardner via KRnet
I have had good success using the speedometer cable style adjustment on my Zenith carb. With 238 hours to date, I have not had any issues with this method. Looks a little unconventional but works fine. Details on request if interested. Chris Gardiner KR2S CGKRZ First flew 2001 Sent from my