[meteorite-list] Meteorite picture

2021-05-27 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
See two photos. Anybody have any guesses as to what it is or recognise it as paired with something? Very strongly magnetic - closer to an iron than a H chondriteCheersdean http://www.meteoriteshop.com/pictures/7454h.jpg http://www.meteoriteshop.com/pictures/7454i.jpg

[meteorite-list] AD: More than 300 unclassified NWAs on ebay at great prices

2020-10-16 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have been busy the past week and have lots of meteorites listed. Its a great time to add some specimens to your collection at really low prices.See my ebay user id AMUNRE:http://www.ebaystores.com/theamunremuseum I will be listing lots more over the next couple days so keep checking for

[meteorite-list] AD: NWA Meteorites Tektites Trilobites and Homo Erectus Hand Axe's on ebay

2020-04-20 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I finally got my Moroccan  shipment and have been busy listing Moroccan stuff on ebay. Will be listing lots more over the next few days so keep checking for new stuff.Hundreds of unclassified NWA Meteorites listed and a couple dozen Hand Axe's hundreds of thousands of years old. I am now in the

[meteorite-list] Brisbane Australia Gem Show this weekend

2020-02-28 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
For those australians not able to go to Tucson (I know there is a half dozen or so list members in the Brisbane area) the North Brisbane Lapidary club has one of Australias best gem shows this weekend. Not a lot of meteorites but 3 or 4 dealers will have a few. Lots of fossils and minerals both

[meteorite-list] AD: More than 400 NWAs and Tktites on ebay

2019-09-03 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have been busy listing new items on ebay and got up to 400 meteorite listings - mostly well priced NWAs and some Philippine tektites at ebays lowest prices.See my ebay user id AMUNREhttp://www.ebaystores.com/theamunremuseum I am putting my listings on vacation mode shortly because I am going

[meteorite-list] Sydney NSW Australia Gem show notice

2019-08-15 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I know that there are list members from Brisbane but not sure if there are any from Sydney but if there are there is a nice rock and gem show in Gosford showgrounds this weekend. Probably the best one of the year for sydney. There will be probably 3 or 4 people selling meteorites but not a lot

[meteorite-list] AD: More than 400 meteorites and tektites on ebay at 20% Off

2019-05-12 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have been busy listing mostly unclassified NWAs really cheap and lots of Tektites the last few days.I have decided that my already lowest prices on ebay should be discounted a further 20% so see all of my auctions for great deals.I am going to be spending a few hours more listing meteorites

[meteorite-list] AD: PHILIPPINE TEKTITES ON EBAY - As mush as 310 Grams

2019-03-17 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have just listed 80 philippine tektites on ebay.See here:http://www.ebaystores.com/The-AmunRe-Museum/_i.html?_nkw=tektite=Search&_sid=1598024 My prices are lower than anybody else on ebay or any website that I could find.These have gotten rarer and you now need a permit to take them out of

[meteorite-list] Bisbane Australia Gem Show

2018-05-04 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I am not sure how many (If any) list members are in Australia but one of Australia's better gem and mineral shows takes place this weekend in North Brisbane. Known as the Redcliffe gem and lapidary show there are around a hundred dealers with stalls selling all sorts of rocks - many are

[meteorite-list] Opals found in meteorites

2018-04-16 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
http://www.geologyin.com/2016/06/opal-discovered-in-antarctic-meteorite.html#zflwGjhuUS5tY2ad.99 __ Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/meteoritecentral and the Archives at http://www.meteorite-list-archives.com Meteorite-list mailing list

[meteorite-list] AD: Lots of new NWA's on Ebay

2018-01-05 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have been busy listing lots of new meteorites on ebay after half my meteorites got bought over the holidays but look over my auctions for lots of new stuff. Got around 400 meteorites listed now- mostly unclassified NWA's priced really cheap and for all budgets.See my ebay user id AMUNRE or

[meteorite-list] Meteor fall in australia - with photos???

2017-12-26 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I think you will enjoy some of the assumptions in this article.  https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/canberra-shaken-by-meteor-sonic-boom/ar-BBHaPyI?li=AAavLaF=spartandhp Seasons GreetingsDeanmeteoriteshop.com __ Visit our Facebook page

Re: [meteorite-list] Looking for large UNWA

2017-11-20 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
If you are looking for a huge meteorite cheap see my ebay auctions. Do a search on my ebay user id AMUNREThis link should work:http://stores.ebay.com/The-AmunRe-Museum/_i.html?_nkw=meteorite=Search&_sid=1598024Some are pretty ratty (But CHEAP) and some nice ones to - and for the most part a

[meteorite-list] Possible Newfoundland Meteorite

2017-10-25 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/meteorite-meteor-space-unidentified-object-st-johns-south-side-hills-1.4368296__ Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/meteoritecentral and the Archives at

[meteorite-list] AD: NWA's on ebay plus PHILIPPINE TEKTITES

2017-08-16 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have 300 or so unclassified NWAs on ebay at great prices so be sure to check out my ebay auctions AMUNREAlso have 60 or so Philippine Tektites on ebay. You will notice that my Philippine tektites are by far cheaper than anybody else on ebay. Having a wife from the Philippines and local

[meteorite-list] AD: NWAs galore on Ebay - Five cents a gram to over 12 Kilos

2017-05-07 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
The last several weeks I have been sorting through more than a thousand kilos of new NWAs that I recently acquired. Been listing like mad on ebay and have 468 mostly unclassified NWAs listed on ebay. Was hoping to get over 500 meteorite listings before I posted this notice but people keep

[meteorite-list] AD: NWAs galore on Ebay - Five cents a gram to over 12 Kilos

2017-05-04 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
The last several weeks I have been sorting through more than a thousand kilos of new NWAs that I recently acquired. Been listing like mad on ebay and have 468 mostly unclassified NWAs listed on ebay. Was hoping to get over 500 meteorite listings before I posted this notice but people keep

[meteorite-list] AD: HUNDREDS of NWA's on Ebay up to over 12 Kilo's

2017-03-15 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I haven't been posting in months but thought that I would let everybody know that I have about three hundred and seventy NWAs listed on ebay at great prices so you might want to check over my ebay listings. I have a 11% discount sale running also but if you want some of the bigger ones email


2016-12-18 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have nearly 300 NWAs on ebay from small to over 12 Kilos. I am trying to raise some cash so put a huge 20% Christmas discount on them all so its a great time to add to your unclassified NWA collection. See my ebay auctions here:

[meteorite-list] Meteor streaking across the sky in Australia this morning

2016-09-26 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
Headline story here in Queensland Australia this morning is people reporting earthquakes and fireballs over a several hundred mile area (Including one report of balls of fire reining down from the sky so the media has gone just a wee bit overboard on this story) Here is a story from one of the

[meteorite-list] Ad: Huge pile of NWA's listed cheap on ebay

2016-08-22 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I have been busy on ebay and have more than 200 NWAs in all price ranges and sizes up to 5 or 6 kilos. I have also just put a good discount on them all in an effort to sell off some this week.. Check now for first pickings. See my ebay user id AMUNRE or click link below Cheers Dean

Re: [meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy

2016-07-26 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
Well Joachim yes one would normally use common sense and agree with you. When I stopped sending to Italy 7 or 8 or so years ago I kept track and had 7 of the previous 10 packages to Italy lost in the mail and had to deal with a paypal chargeback (And some negative feedbacks on ebay). I figured

Re: [meteorite-list] Another warning re sales to Italy

2016-07-24 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I can confirm to everybody that this person Davide Urbinati "Davide Urbinati"

[meteorite-list] Two Australian Gem and Mineral Shows this month

2016-07-04 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
I am not sure if there is actually any list members in Australia but if there are any on Australian East coast within a couple hour drive there are two worthwhile gem shows over the next two weekends. This weekend is Hervey Bay Saturday and Sunday. The Hervey bay gem club is putting off their

[meteorite-list] AD: SALE: More than 200 NWAs on ebay up to 9 Kilos

2016-04-12 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
in years but soon I will have an exciting new mineral and gemstone website including meteorites so keep posted. But for now get first crack at my new ebay items cheers Dean Bessey AMUNRE on ebay __ Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com

[meteorite-list] AD: Dean's cheap NWAs on Ebay

2014-10-07 Thread dean bessey via Meteorite-list
lots listed. Click here or see my ebay user id AMUNRE I just put an additional 10% discount on my already low price Cheers Dean Bessey http://stores.ebay.com/The-AmunRe-Museum/_i.html?_nkw=meteoritesubmit=Search_sid=1598024 __ Visit the Archives

[meteorite-list] AD: Ebay Unclassified Meteorites - Nicely Crusted to total crap

2013-11-17 Thread dean bessey
I took advantage of ebays free listing week last week and listed almost 200 meteorite lots which are starting to end today. All unclassified NWAs and the quality ranges from really nice crusted pieces to the bottom of the barrel leftovers that just needs to be gotten rid of and listed cheap.

[meteorite-list] AD: Philippine Tektites

2012-08-22 Thread dean bessey
I am having a terribly difficult time posting for some reason so my apologies if you got this more than once. One of the benefits of being married to somebody from the philippines is that I sometimes get into situations where I can get some really nice philippine tektites. I really should get

[meteorite-list] AD: Philippine Tektites NWA Meteorites on Ebay

2012-04-27 Thread dean bessey
I just listed a few dozen new unclassified NWA's and also a couple dozen really nice philippine tektites. I think that if you search other ebay auctions and websites you will find that my philippinites are the lowest price vs quality that you will find anywhere. See my ebay user id AMUNRE or

Re: [meteorite-list] TKW OF THE TATA MARTIAN - Predict $100 Martians

2011-12-31 Thread dean bessey
I am going out on a limb and predict that we are about to see $100 martian. Probably less. Dont believe anybody who tells you there are only four kilos. I could be wrong with that price guess (Especially if some goovernment museum decides to buy it all up) but this is currently all held by the

Re: [meteorite-list] Thin section not so thin...

2011-10-30 Thread dean bessey
As a ebay seller of thin sections I thought that I would respond to this. I should point out that it wasnt me that David bought his thin section from, I dont know who he bought them from, dont know anything about his thin section and am in no way commenting on any other seller when I write

[meteorite-list] AD: Ebay Auctions - Meteorites and Thin Sections

2011-10-25 Thread dean bessey
I thought that I would let everybody know that I have some nice NWA's ending in the next 24 hours including some nice meteorite Thin Section Kits of a complete meteorite with a really nice thin section cut from it. Lots of Thin Sections by themselves also. See my ebay auctions AMUNRE Sincerely

[meteorite-list] Brisbane Rock Show Announcement

2011-10-06 Thread dean bessey
For those of you lucky enough to live near Brisbane in Australia you are invited to attend the Nambour gemfest tomorrow (Saturday). Located in Nambour inland from the sunshine coast - about an hour north of Brisbane. Lots of rocks, crystals, jewelry and gemstones will be for sale and I will have

Re: [meteorite-list] NWA 001 question

2011-06-13 Thread dean bessey
NWA001 is a single stone just over a kilo. It was part of a very will mixed group of meteorites that was sold by retired meteorite dealer Michael casper. I cut NWA001 all up mostly into slices (Except for a 160 gram endpiece which I believe that Adam Hupe ended up with that was once the main

[meteorite-list] AD: Ebay meteorites going cheap Right Now

2011-05-12 Thread dean bessey
I have a couple dozen meteorites now ending on ebay (Some already ended so check quick) including completely crusted meteorites still bid at one cent and ending in 35 minutes. See my ebay user id AMUNRE Or click here: http://stores.ebay.com/DEANS-COLLECTIBLES-AND-GEMSTONES?_rdc=1 Sincerely DEAN

[meteorite-list] Tasmania Australia Rock show announcements

2011-03-08 Thread dean bessey
My father is visiting me from Canada for a couple months and all his life has wanted to visit Tasmania so I have to bring him. By sheer coincidence there were two annual rock and mineral shows going on while we were going to be there. So I decided to get stalls at both shows. I am not sure how

[meteorite-list] AD: BENSOUR LL6 And Ebay auctions

2011-03-06 Thread dean bessey
In less than two hours I have a handfull of small but nice NWAs on ebay. Some still bid under $2. See my ebay user id AMUNRE or click here: http://stores.ebay.com/DEANS-COLLECTIBLES-AND-GEMSTONES?_trksid=p4340.l2563 I also have some Bensour fell in morocco Feb 11th 2002. These are nice

[meteorite-list] AD: Particularly nice NWAs on Ebay

2011-02-11 Thread dean bessey
Please see my auctions that end in the morning. These are all nice NWAs that I bought more than 7 years ago in Morocco thats been sitting in my mothers basement since I left canada 6 or 7 years ago that I finally got around to having sent to me. Lots of crust and all started at a penny where

[meteorite-list] Brisbane Floods

2011-01-14 Thread dean bessey
I have spent much of today and yesterday responding to emails from well wishers asking if I am OK in the floods so I will give my own first hand account twenty miles or so from ground zero. I am happy to report that we are all fine and not a part of what your front page news is currently

[meteorite-list] AD: Christmas Ebay Sale - Plus Minerals

2010-12-09 Thread dean bessey
After taking a month off to vacation in the Philippines and Singapore I finally have my ebay auctions up and running again. I have over a hundred NWA meteorites and for the mineral collector lots of minerals now listed on ebay. Over the next few days I should have at least a hundred more NWas

[meteorite-list] Spanish Lady legally owns the sun

2010-11-27 Thread dean bessey
I am sure some of you will enjoy this silly story: http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/8400845/spanish-woman-claims-ownership-of-the-sun/ When I was in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago I got a sunburn. I wonder if I can sue her. Enjoy DEAN

Re: [meteorite-list] You Naysaying Denialists Are All Wrong, Dowsing Works!

2010-10-17 Thread dean bessey
OK, here is what needs to be done. (1) Get 10 non see through buckets that wont even show shadows. (2) Get ten items. A couple meteorites, toys, other crystals etc (3) Make sure that the person with the dowsing rod knows exactly what all the items are like so that he/she can properly view them

[meteorite-list] AD: NWA sale, ebay discounts and one cent sale

2010-10-17 Thread dean bessey
In about a weeks time I will be shutting all my ebay auctions down for a month of traveling and am trying to raise some last minute cash. I have this sale site put together: http://www.meteoriteshop.com/rocksale/rocksale.html All the unsold stuff will go on ebay at about a 20% premium to this

[meteorite-list] AD: Great NWAs ending now on Ebay

2010-10-13 Thread dean bessey
Starting in about two hours time I have a few dozen meteorites ending - around a dozen started and still close to a penny. Included are several shergotites started way cheaper than most dealers want. In a couple weeks I will be shutting my auctions down for a month of travelling so pik up a few

[meteorite-list] AD: Lots of new NWAs on Ebay including big ones and bulk lots

2010-09-20 Thread dean bessey
I have listed around 60 or 70 new NWA meteorites on ebay over the few days including a dozen or so between one and eleven kilos. A lot of really cheap leftover bulk lots included. I also have a small sale running on a lot of the items. See my ebay user id AMUNRE for first selection Thursday I

[meteorite-list] AD: Lots of ebay auctions ending now

2010-09-10 Thread dean bessey
Over the next couple hours I have a couple dozen ebay auctions ending including a few over a kilo. Nothing spectacular but most well under ten cents a gram. I took advantage of ebays free listing day last week to list some bigger ones in auction cheap which I dont normally do. I have been

[meteorite-list] Australian Rock Show Announcement

2010-09-10 Thread dean bessey
Not sure how many list members live in Eastern Australia but if you do you might want to come up to Bribie Island just north of Brisbane for the Bribie Island Gem and Fossiking clubs annual rock and gem show. They have a big show and a lot of dealers and its one of the major rock shows in the

Re: [meteorite-list] ASU suspends public meteorite identification program

2010-09-08 Thread dean bessey
As somebody who started a fee based classification service with Ray at Bathurst Observatory I can shed a little light on what it would actually take to get quick classifications done. Most (Many anyway) list members know that I started a classification service several years ago with Ray. Its

[meteorite-list] AD: One Cent NWA Ebay auctions ending in a couple hours

2010-08-22 Thread dean bessey
I have a bunch of unclassified NWA auctions ending soon on ebay and most are still bid under $3. I also have well over a hundred NWAs listed as buy it nows also (Including the really nice ebay #120612173321) so see all my ebay items for more. Check out my ebay user id AMUNRE Sincerely DEAN Click

[meteorite-list] AD: Big really Cheap NWAs ending on ebay now

2010-08-04 Thread dean bessey
In less than two hours a few large meteorites including a 3.81 kilo one bid at under $50 a kilo will be ending on ebay. While you are looking over my auctions dont forget to check out several hundred buy it nows also. Click link below or check out my ebay user id AMUNRE Sincerely DEAN

[meteorite-list] Rock Show Announcement

2010-08-02 Thread dean bessey
For those of you in Eastern Australia (And especially for those going to the huge Emerald show in two weeks - I would like to let you know that I will be at Cooloola Rockfest this weekend 6th, 7th and 8th. It is just south of Gympie and about two hours drive north of Brisbane. Here is some

[meteorite-list] Aliens attacking man with meteorites

2010-07-28 Thread dean bessey
I am sure that somebody will get a kick out of this: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/835482-man-hit-by-six-meteorites-is-being-targeted-by-aliens Cheers DEAN __ Visit the Archives at http://www.meteoritecentral.com/mailing-list-archives.html

[meteorite-list] AD: Cheap ebay auctions ending now

2010-07-26 Thread dean bessey
In two hours time I have a dozen or so NWAs ending that last week I originally started at a penny. As I write this most are all still way below purchase prices in Morocco (ie: a 247 gram one at only $5.50). Hopefully they will get bid up higher but you never know. I have 209 meteorites now on

[meteorite-list] AD: Many new NWA's on ebay

2010-07-11 Thread dean bessey
My move to Australia has been much more effort and expensive that I have expected but after 3 months I am finally all settled in now and have ebay up and running again. I have 134 meteorites now listed on ebay. Lots of unclassified NWAs at great prices. Some great prices on the fossil EL3 also.

Re: [meteorite-list] USB 2.0 mp Digital Camera - VIRUS ALERT

2010-07-06 Thread dean bessey
That angelfire website you are refering to has a trojan and anybody who clicked it should get some virus protection immeadiately. --- On Tue, 6/7/10, Darren Garrison cyna...@charter.net wrote: From: Darren Garrison cyna...@charter.net Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] USB 2.0 mp Digital Camera

Re: [meteorite-list] USB 2.0 mp Digital Camera

2010-07-06 Thread dean bessey
Last week I got a Veho VMS-004 Deluxe 400x USB Powered Microscope 1.3MP Which I bought of ebay for $43 Here is some photos I took. http://www.meteoriteshop.com/photos/microphotos.html You will notice on the meteorite photo that the image is blurry around the edges. The segments in my ruler is

Re: [meteorite-list] ATTENTION: Scientists and Researchers Who Classify Meteorites.. Urgent

2010-03-30 Thread dean bessey
This is a serious reason why people dont bother with getting all data possible with meteorites. It would be great if some lesser standard would be accepted as a classification (Especially on common chondrites). Many people (Myself included) dont even bother with such issues anymore. I cant even

[meteorite-list] EBAY AD: Last day deep discounts on everything

2010-03-24 Thread dean bessey
Tomorrow I will be shutting down all of my auctions and wont be listing again for four or five weeks until I get set up after moving to Australia. Everything is discounted so grab a few deals now. Please pay as soon as possible as I have to pack all unsold stuff up for my big move. See my ebay

Re: [meteorite-list] Tsunami alert

2010-02-27 Thread dean bessey
Here in new zealand we are supposed to get hit in about an hour and a halfs time but there is none of the activity like you guys in Hawaii has and other than to avoid low lying areas there is no evacuation order. In some Islands down south is being taken more seriously Cheers DEAN --- On

Re: [meteorite-list] Tsunami alert (Report)

2010-02-27 Thread dean bessey
Well, hundreds of people here in Auckland camped out on a hill waiting for the tsunami. A dozen or so people refused to heed the warning and graciously stayed on the beach so that we could all have good video. A cruise ship was moved from the pier and anchored off in the harbour and all ferries

[meteorite-list] AD: Dean's Ebay Moving to Australia Sale

2010-02-21 Thread dean bessey
Around once every five years it is commonplace for people to immigrate to a new country (Well, isn't it?). I have started packing now and should go within the next couple months. In an effort to raise some cash and sell off a few things so I will have less to ship I have put a 25% discount on

[meteorite-list] Museums Keeping meteorites dry

2010-02-02 Thread dean bessey
I am advising an institution here in New Zealand who is planning to put together a world class meteorite collection for public display. They already have a dozen or so meteorites on display (Mostly donated by dealers like Haag who has a thank you next to the specimens already there) but they

[meteorite-list] AD: MARS at $295 A gram

2010-02-01 Thread dean bessey
I was planning on holding on to these for some time but I have a project on the go that requires money so am selling off my Mars stock. Over 20 grams available $295 a gram Uncut and $325 for cut (Cut slightly higher to help cover my cutting loss). In particular there are two really nice complete

[meteorite-list] AD: Ebay auctions ending

2010-01-11 Thread dean bessey
I have a dozen or so auctions of some nice NWAs ending today and many are still bid at only a penny. See my ebay user id AMUNRE I have 340 meteorites on ebay so see my other items for more. I am in the process of clearing out everything in a planned move to Australia in a few months time so if

[meteorite-list] AD: SIZE MATTERS - And Free Shipping

2010-01-11 Thread dean bessey
See here: http://www.meteoriteshop.com/largesale.html All meteorites shown are over a kilo and really really cheap. I am moving to australia in a few months and would like to sell rather than ship them and big ones in particular I would like to sell off. I have some 30 plus Kilo EL3s on ebay (See

Re: [meteorite-list] Re photos

2010-01-04 Thread dean bessey
Send me your photos and I will post them for you Cheers DEAN www.meteoriteshop.com --- On Mon, 4/1/10, Pete Shugar pshu...@clearwire.net wrote: From: Pete Shugar pshu...@clearwire.net Subject: [meteorite-list] Re photos To: meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com Received: Monday, 4 January,

Re: [meteorite-list] Lunar for $200/g

2009-12-30 Thread dean bessey
I am not going to make any comment on wither it is genuine or not but for purposes of this email I will assume that it is genuine. Assuming its genuine $50 for shipping (Fed Ex?) dont sound excessive. I couldent ship anything from here fed ex for $50 for example. Note also that seller doesnt

Re: [meteorite-list] Whites MXT + Minelab Explorer SE Pro

2009-12-13 Thread dean bessey
Becides that one does anybody have any opinions on the Minelab Explorer SE Pro Details here: http://www.kellycodetectors.com/minelab/explorerSE_pro-buy.htm Thanks DEAN --- On Sat, 12/12/09, Jeff Kuyken i...@meteorites.com.au wrote: From: Jeff Kuyken i...@meteorites.com.au Subject:

[meteorite-list] Classic Ebay Letter

2009-12-03 Thread dean bessey
This dont pertain strictly to meteorites except that ebay has become the worlds best source of supply but last July ebay suspended me for a week because of something with my pearl auctions. They wouldent tell me what and a phone conversation with the worlds rudest person told me that it would

Re: [meteorite-list] Lucite Embed

2009-11-30 Thread dean bessey
Somebody made this with a zagami 10 or 15 years ago. See here (This is not my website) http://www.marscube.com/about_fr.html It is pretty cool looking although in reality a very expensive paperweight. It was a popular item that sold for around $150 on ebay (At least thats what I easily sold a

[meteorite-list] AD: EL3 Sale on Ebay

2009-11-27 Thread dean bessey
I have listed more than seventy ebay auctions of Al Haggounia 001 paleo EL3. All at prices lower than you usually see and many auctions started at a penny and some large individuals to 36 kilos with lots of cheap 3 to 10 kilo ones. See here:

[meteorite-list] Metal detector Question

2009-11-24 Thread dean bessey
If somebody was wanting a metal detector with plans to use it searching for meteorites, gold nuggets and coins in Australia what would be the best metal detector to get? What things in general does one look for in buying a metal detector? Thanks DEAN

[meteorite-list] AD: Almost 200 NWAs now on Ebay

2009-11-19 Thread dean bessey
I have been busy the last couple days and have listed well over 100 NWAs on ebay and still adding more as I write. I have a big ebay meteorite listing weekend so check back all weekend for first pickings as my prices are pretty low. Lots of 1 cent and really low starting price auctions also See

Re: [meteorite-list] (No More) One-Ad Per Week Rule

2009-10-15 Thread dean bessey
The fact seems to be forgotten that a consensus was taken by Art about advertising in his forum. Advertising is a privilege, not a right and Art was considering having no ads at all due to abuse. The consensus, at the time, was that way too many ads were being posted and that one-ad-per-week

Re: [meteorite-list] (No More) One-Ad Per Week Rule

2009-10-15 Thread dean bessey
Dean, Check the archives. As usual, you are flat out wrong. Art made the rule, not four or five members.  This is his forum and his rules. Several members weighed in before the decision was made. Take Care, Adam Art made the rule after declaring that he dont care (Check the archaives) and

Re: [meteorite-list] (No More) One-Ad Per Week Rule

2009-10-15 Thread dean bessey
Great Idea=2C have a real vote by all 900 members to see if they want to ha= ve an ad post by each and every member every other day which is still less = than your average. =20 Gary But that snot what the question for the referendum would be. The referendum question should read: SHOULD WE RIGIDLY

[meteorite-list] AD: NWAs, shergotite, Diogenite, L4s etc

2009-10-06 Thread dean bessey
See my updated website here: http://www.meteoriteshop.com I will be listing a lot more over the next week so check back for more meteorites and other crystals soon Sincerely DEAN __ http://www.meteoritecentral.com Meteorite-list mailing list

Re: [meteorite-list] OT - Gold Hoard Found in England

2009-09-24 Thread dean bessey
From: Greg Hupe gmh...@htn.net think also that the true story is all about good luck and the willingness to get permission and agreements from property owners! It is more than that. It is also an example of common sense historical artifact laws at work. Britain has constructed their

Re: [meteorite-list] OT - Gold Hoard Found in England

2009-09-24 Thread dean bessey
to search from the landowner. Apparently he has agreed to share that with the landowner...which only seems fair. I intend to visit the museum in Birmingham over the weekend to see this exciting historical find right on my doorstep. Graham Ensor, UK dean bessey deanbes

[meteorite-list] AD: MY NEW WEBSITE

2009-08-22 Thread dean bessey
be some bugs Sincerely DEAN BESSEY New Website: http://www.treasureshaven.com/ .. If anybody makes an order this week I will send for free a good luck crystal collection consisting of quartz, amethyst and citrine a gram or two each - the perfect size to carry arround for luck

Re: [meteorite-list] STOMACH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!

2009-08-18 Thread dean bessey
Yeah, this list has been pretty much cleaned up and for the last year and a half a single black blotch has been keeping this list from becoming a respectible list again like it was 10 years ago when many scientists were happy to post and be a part of the list and not worry about being

Re: [meteorite-list] The Scoop on Kem Kem

2009-08-15 Thread dean bessey
I just got back from australia and am sorting through thousands and thousands of emails so my apologies if this has already been answered. There is no recogonized meteorite term as Kem Kem. The term Kem Kem dates from the days just before the official creation of the term NWA roughly 9 or 10

[meteorite-list] AD: 187 Gram NWA For Sale for $1000

2009-07-30 Thread dean bessey
See here: Price is $1000 plus $80 fedex shipping http://www.treasureshaven.com/treasureshop/index.php?main_page=product_infocPath=2products_id=11 Cheers DEAN __ http://www.meteoritecentral.com Meteorite-list mailing list


2009-07-17 Thread dean bessey
My website will be taken down soon and replaced with an ecommerce website. Rather than move the stones over to my new planned site I would prefer to sell them all (And I need to raise money anyway)so half price sale this weekend. SO ALL METEORITES ON MY WEBSITE IS HALF PRICE Plus Shipping ($20

[meteorite-list] Astro Mikes meteor streak Photo

2009-07-11 Thread dean bessey
I hate to be a party pooper when everybody is all excited about having a photo of a meteor fall but astro mikes photo shown on his webpage here: http://www.mikesastrophotos.com/ Is not exactly all that it is cracked up to be. Reporters are renouned for not properly checking their info in an

Re: [meteorite-list] Astro Mikes meteor streak Photo

2009-07-11 Thread dean bessey
--- On Sat, 7/11/09, Mike Bandli fuzzf...@comcast.net wrote: I have captured numerous aircraft on long exposure and they all have strobes and appear as segmented lines. This one certainly does not, though it may be so close that it is not showing the break in strobes snip I think the

Re: [meteorite-list] My Ebay suspension

2009-07-10 Thread dean bessey
No they say that since they were ended because of listing violations that the fees are forfeited --- On Thu, 7/9/09, Don Merchant dmerc...@rochester.rr.com wrote: From: Don Merchant dmerc...@rochester.rr.com Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] My Ebay suspension To: dean bessey deanbes

Re: [meteorite-list] My Ebay suspension

2009-07-10 Thread dean bessey
I have had 5 people email me privately with a message saying something to the effect of Whats up with pearls - and could meteorites be next, so I will email the group rather than individually? Answer is be afraid - be very afriad. Apparantly the laws concerning the export and import of pearls

[meteorite-list] Meteorite Laws/Ebay

2009-07-10 Thread dean bessey
I am reposting this a second time with a new subject line because I am sure that some people are interested but never read the last posting due to not being interested in my personal ebay problems enough to bother opening the dozen't email on the topic

[meteorite-list] My Ebay suspension

2009-07-09 Thread dean bessey
As if you didnt need another reason to try and diversify your business away from ebay here is what happened to me this morning. I am not making any part of this up or in any way dramatizing what happened. Neither Stephen King nor the guys on CSI could make this up. I wake up to numerous emails

Re: [meteorite-list] My Ebay suspension

2009-07-09 Thread dean bessey
. As you know eBay these days is basically a glorified yard sale. Most dealers make much more from their own web sites. Good luck to you. Carl -- Carl or Debbie Esparza IMCA 5829 Meteoritemax dean bessey deanbes...@yahoo.com wrote: As if you didnt need another reason to try

Re: [meteorite-list] Sellers, would you like to keep more of your money?

2009-06-27 Thread dean bessey
I hadent seen that before. Yes, clicking personal on the send payment option does bring up more options that I hadnt realized was there. I pay paypal between $500 and $1000 a month so it could save me money. So who wants to buy something from my website and try it and see if it works? Maybe I

Re: [meteorite-list] NWA 5546 and CV3's in general

2009-06-09 Thread dean bessey
I also have something similar and it is also very strongly magnetic. See here some photos: http://www.ilovenewfoundland.com/meteoriteshop/x/1.jpg http://www.ilovenewfoundland.com/meteoriteshop/x/2.jpg Look at how georgous it is from this photo:

[meteorite-list] AD: BIG NWA WEBSITE UPDATE

2009-05-13 Thread dean bessey
I have been busy adding new NWA meteorites to my website and significantly marking down (by 20% to 50%) meteorites that have been sitting there unsold for a while. Lots of NWA bargains. See my website here: http://www.meteoriteshop.com For direct links to the sale pages click here:

Re: [meteorite-list] AD drama - an idea to solve it. - BAN BILL

2009-05-02 Thread dean bessey
bill kies says: I have asked Art many times why he tolerates this stuff. It's been years now. OK, how high of an IQ is required to be able to figure out that Art really doesn't care? How many times do you need to be told to be able to

Re: [meteorite-list] cottingham - BAN BILL

2009-04-30 Thread dean bessey
I remember when I joined this list about 10 years ago that there was always a great meteorite discussion and many academics were willing to share insights. This discussion forum has gone downhill over the years as the result of a very small number (Less than a dozen) people who regularly made

Re: [meteorite-list] ONE AD PER WEEK

2009-04-30 Thread dean bessey
How about we make a new rule. Only one bitching about it posting allowed per ad posting Cheers DEAN --- On Thu, 4/30/09, bill kies parkforest...@hotmail.com wrote: From: bill kies parkforest...@hotmail.com Subject: [meteorite-list] ONE AD PER WEEK To: meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com

Re: [meteorite-list] cottingham - BAN BILL - lift the AD limit

2009-04-30 Thread dean bessey
An easy way to eliminate the issue is to lift the AD limit... problem solved. Just my opinion. Greg C. I am not going to try and set policy or personally declare myself sheriff but I will make an argument in support of this - realizing that a small number of people do abuse the postings.

[meteorite-list] AD: NWA SALE

2009-03-30 Thread dean bessey
but a 20% discount for today on anything of interest. Shipping starts at $5 and runs around $16 a kilo. Sincerely DEAN BESSEY PS: While you are at it see my ebay auctions also where I have a couple hundred other meteorites listed and am into doing deals on anything that might be of interest. See my ebay

Re: [meteorite-list] Proud Tom Call !

2009-03-29 Thread dean bessey
For the record I enjoyed proud tom and wasnt offended and thought that it was great fun. However, I am with Anne on this one. For example you would never see a similar site spoofing the worlds top Chrysler dealers or restaurateurs (Or the main players in pretty much any other industry either).

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