RE: [MORPHMET] Problems with loading new files into tpsDig

2017-12-20 Thread F. James Rohlf
1) Two possibilities: if the full path to the images option is not used then the images have to be in the same folder as the tps file (the solution is to copy the image files to the new location). Alternatively, if the full paths are used then the software will assume the images are still in

RE: [MORPHMET] Issue with digit.fixed on 3D mesh geomorph

2017-12-20 Thread Murat Maga
In my experience rgl tends to be slow with meshes with high number of vertices. You may want to do your data collection outside of R using programs optimized for handling high-resolution meshes, such as MeshLab or 3D Slicer, save your coordinates as a text file and import them into R. M

[MORPHMET] Problems with loading new files into tpsDig

2017-12-20 Thread Lisa Krendl
Dear all, I have two problems in terms of dealing with the tpsDig program: 1) I have been using tpsDig before to set landmarks, but since I rearranged my files and folders I always get an error report when I am trying to upload TPS files into the program. The error meassage is: Image file

[MORPHMET] Issues with placing 3D landmarks with digit.fixed

2017-12-20 Thread Phillip Skipwith
Hi everyone, I'm new to 3d geometric morphometrics, so this will be a very basic question to which there is probably a simple answer. I'm trying to place landmarks on meshes containing between 120,000 and 150,000 vertices using the digit.fixed function in geomorph. However, I'm finding it