RE: Merry Christmas!!

2019-12-26 Thread Loyall, David
> Wóškate aŋpétu wašté! (happy holidays in Lakota) from Nebraska USA. May > PicoLisp continue to bring joy to the world :) > > grant Hello, grant and everyone! Happy early New Year from Omaha, Nebraska, USA! :) Cheers, --David "sebboh" Loyall

RE: Success at last!

2018-04-17 Thread Loyall, David
FYI, Arie, I didn't receive any attachment with your email. > From: Arie van Wingerden > Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 10:02 AM > Subject: Success at last! > [...] > Attached a document with what I did. > [...] PԔ � )mX�����zV�u�.n7�

RE: I/O device access

2017-10-02 Thread Loyall, David
> Sent from Mail for Windows 10 I use Outlook 2013 (not my first choice!) and I get those strange symbols, too. Cheers, --Dave L. -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

RE: PicoLisp on

2017-09-26 Thread Loyall, David
>> * one implementation is canonical: amd64 > >Meanwhile, I feel, the arm64 implementation the is primary one. Good to know! Yes, I think arm will become/remain dominate for a while. Cheers, --Dave L.

RE: PicoLisp on

2017-09-26 Thread Loyall, David
> > Uh, oh, this is really tough. > ​> Just one smart paragraph. This is a guess: the original asker is more familiar with Common Lisp than picolisp. So, a fair answer would be to describe picolisp in terms that CL users are familiar with. Sorry, I'm not qualified to do that myself. But,

RE: Header parsing

2017-04-20 Thread Loyall, David
rsion: 1.0 PiBJZiBwZW9wbGUgYXJlIGN1cnJlbnRseSB3b3JraW5nIG9uIGltcHJvdmluZyB0aGUgbWFpbGlu ZyBsaXN0Lg0KDQpJIHdvdWxkIGxpa2UgdG8gc3RvcCByZWNlaXZpbmcgYmluYXJ5IGp1bmsgYXQg dGhlIGVuZCBvZiBwbGFpbi10ZXh0IGVtYWlscy4NCg0K I hope that helps! Cheers, --Dave -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Loyall, David Sent

RE: Header parsing

2017-04-20 Thread Loyall, David
See attached PNG. I wasn't able to view the message source in Outlook, so I forwarded it to my personal account and got the following, which may or may not be exactly what I originally received... Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 MIME-Version: 1.0

RE: Header parsing

2017-04-19 Thread Loyall, David
> If people are currently working on improving the mailing list [...] I would like to stop receiving binary junk at the end of plain-text emails.

RE: List graph library?

2017-04-06 Thread Loyall, David
> Does somebody have a FOSS library handy for graphing a picolisp list (like, > hierarchically)? Say, SVG format or something? Christopher, are you familiar with Graphviz? It's a 26 year old suite of tools. I generally use lisp (common lisp, actually) to

RE: native calling

2017-03-02 Thread Loyall, David
Graphviz! > From: On Behalf Of Mike Pechkin > Subject: native calling ... > I need more experience in (native) usage. > If somebody need library bindings to something you can request here or > directly. ... PԔ � )mX�����zV�u�.n7�

RE: in the spirit of RosettaCode...

2017-03-01 Thread Loyall, David
In the spirit of RosettaCode, may I present ? >>> >>> Seems I should give it a try :) >>> >>> I don't understand the full extent of the task yet, but could it be >>> something >> >> To be correct, I don't understand it at all! >> >> Is the only "spec" a bunch of

in the spirit of RosettaCode...

2017-02-28 Thread Loyall, David
In the spirit of RosettaCode, may I present ? Perhaps one of you skilled picolisp folks could submit a new implementation to their growing list. Cheers, --Dave -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

RE: An inferior small lisp runs on ATmega (Arduino)

2016-09-09 Thread Loyall, David
gt; From: Danilo Kordic > Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2016 7:02 AM > > Interesting.  Well nice try, I wouldn't call it v1.0 :D .  It's Arduino (not > AVR!), nuf' said.  > >> From: Loyall, David >> Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 11:50 AM >> >> Perhaps picolisp ca

An inferior small lisp runs on ATmega (Arduino)

2016-05-27 Thread Loyall, David
Perhaps picolisp can learn something from this project, but I expect they can learn more from picolisp. Cheers, --Dave -- UNSUBSCRIBE:

RE: Emacs REPL not "full-featured"?

2015-12-31 Thread Loyall, David
> I've got a REPL started in Emacs [...] but I'm noticing it > doesn't have such features as more, edit, what, etc. Sounds like you didn’t load some libraries. When you pass a + character to the interpreter, it loads `debug.l`, which defines (what ...) and other functions. Maybe you can just

RE: bitmaps from random

2015-12-21 Thread Loyall, David
> Suppose I implement the bmp format. Or, Cheers, --Dave

RE: Another stack based CPU: J1

2015-04-15 Thread Loyall, David
The J1 is probably close to the simplest possible useful CPU. Alexander, do you agree with that statement? Is the J1 the same as pil? I see no similarities at all. Also, PilMCU doesn't strive particularly for simplicity (the PicoLisp *language* does). It is rather complex, with

Another stack based CPU: J1

2015-04-14 Thread Loyall, David
Today on HN I read about a tiny stack-based CPU called J1. This is its homepage: and here is a more formal description: Here is the quote that made me bring this topic to the picolisp mailing list: The J1

RE: Google Code closing

2015-03-13 Thread Loyall, David
Mike Pechkin has set up a repo at bitbucket. More next week. [...] is more than a repo, it's a community of developers. Once the repo is available on bitbucket, it will be trivial to set up an automatic mirror. Philosophically, I favor bitbucket. Pragmatically, I favor github(R).

RE: A PicoLisp native library tutorial

2015-03-03 Thread Loyall, David
From: Alexander Williams [...] I also wrote a tutorial explaining the code, to help other newbies understand some useful features of PicoLisp: This is great, Alexander! I really like this part: (setq Result (12 104 101

RE: Installation issues

2015-02-09 Thread Loyall, David
For what it is worth, here are the contents of every file named 'pil' in the 3.1.9 tarball. hobbes@metalbaby:~/src/pil319/picoLisp$ find . -name pil -exec head -1000 {} + == ./bin/pil == #!/usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l (load @lib/misc.l @lib/btree.l @lib/db.l @lib/pilog.l) ==

altering lists

2015-01-15 Thread Loyall, David
Should either (insert ...) or (place ...) be destructive? Are they meant to be synonyms? Cheers, --Dave : (setq truck '(frame)) - (frame) : (show truck) - (frame) : (insert '2 truck 'cab) - (frame cab) : (show truck) - (frame) : (place '2 truck 'cab) - (frame cab) : (show

visualization of machine state

2015-01-07 Thread Loyall, David
Hi, Alexander. Hi, everyone. Consider (and the animated .gif image linked at the bottom of the README). Could something like this be made for picolisp emu? Of course it should probably emit graphviz dot language instead of only ascii art. :) Just an idea.

jeq instruction not documented in doc64/asm

2014-11-26 Thread Loyall, David
Hello. FYI, I see an instruction 'jeq' in used in src64/io.l, but I don't see it described in doc64/asm. Hm, for that matter, I don't see 'jne' or 'jgt' either. Maybe I shouldn't expect to find 'jeq'? I encountered 'jeq' in the 12th line of the definition of testEscA_F (which I pasted below

String syntax, or Transient Symbol syntax

2014-11-25 Thread Loyall, David
Hello. I am having some trouble working with Strings or Transient Symbols. (I'll call them strings for now.) Consider this string: ^(a+)\) In picoLisp, I must enter that as: \^(a+)\\) See, the escaping syntax is a pretty heavy burden for the types of strings I work with...

RE: Lisp on board...

2014-10-24 Thread Loyall, David
TL;DR: Tiny GNU/Linux box with a microcontroller stuck on it. The lisp is implemented in software. Says open source all over it but doesn't have any source code or hardware design files available online. From: [] On Behalf Of Rick

RE: Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

2014-09-22 Thread Loyall, David
From: Alexander Burger [...] And I can assure you that PicoLisp will never be a closed system. My personal opintion has always been that developments should be shared, and that the term intellectual property per se is unethical. Well said. If/when other implementations try to compete with


2014-09-19 Thread Loyall, David

RE: Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

2014-09-19 Thread Loyall, David
From: [] On Behalf Of George Orais [...] pilMCU is running under Icarus Verilog Simulator [...] Nice. The Internet would like to run this locally. Would you post the verilog source and build files? Or a link to a repository?

RE: Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

2014-09-19 Thread Loyall, David
From: Thorsten Jolitz Loyall, David writes: The Internet would like to run this locally. Would you post the verilog source and build files? Or a link to a repository? I think this has the potential to make a very nice and successfull kickstarter project, so why not try to build

RE: Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

2014-09-19 Thread Loyall, David
From: Thorsten Jolitz It's a Lisp machine. It probably shouldn't be born crippled (with closed design). :) I'm sure its technical design is not crippled at all. I am new to your mailing list and as such I'd like to listen more than I speak. But please don't speak for me. :) It should