> From: Alexander Burger
> [...] And I can assure you that PicoLisp will never be a closed
> system.
> My personal opintion has always been that developments should be shared,
> and that the term "intellectual property" per se is unethical.

Well said.  If/when other implementations try to compete with you, this 
statement will give you a competitive advantage.

> [...] But I also need to survive economically,
> and it is really tough for a freelancer to do so.

I understand.  I thought you could release the design (even PCB layouts if you 
end up going that direction) and still sell the hardware.  Most people never 
manufacture their own hardware--that includes me.  But I'm a happier customer 
when I know that the product I'm purchasing has longevity--well known designs 
live longer.  I still have my c64 programmer's manual complete with circuit 
diagrams, which will come in handy if I want to figure out how to connect it to 
a modern display device!  Secret designs become black boxes once the parent 
company loses interest--no new display adapters (for example) and no hope of 
making your own.  It sounds like you know this well already. :)

> [...] 95 percent of the sources of the
> PilMCU are standard 64-bit PicoLisp.
I think I get it.  Emu is another arch, like ppc64 or x86-64.  Nice. :)

I think that this product will have the longevity I seek.  Carry on!


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