[rt-users] Migrating/Upgrading from RT2 -> RT4, getting errors installing RT3 'make initialize-database'

2016-03-07 Thread Sean
I’m in the process of migrating from RT2 to the latest RT4. In reading the archives and various posts I’ve been able to figure out that I need to dump the RT2 database which was successful (via RT-Extension-RT2toRT3). I’m assuming the next step in the process is to install RT3 to reimport the dump

[rt-users] Populate articles with data from a ticket (variables)?

2016-03-07 Thread Dion Gullotta
Hi, Is there any way to populate an article with selected data from a ticket? For example an article that says “Dear, ” can you have a variable in there that pulls the Requestor Displayed Name or similar from the ticket when you insert the article? It doesn’t look like this is possible but

[rt-users] Emails from "RT System Itself" come through as "unknown"

2016-03-07 Thread Jannae Jacks
Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to make auto-generated emails appear less creepy to our constituents. As of now, they are sent looking as if they are coming from some sort of ghost with no name or email address. Gmail shows them as (unknown) via nyu.edu. If I drill into the headers, I can

[rt-users] Autoresponse on create with SLA Due date

2016-03-07 Thread Per von Zweigbergk
I've been trying to do an autoresponse on create with SLA Due date inside the message with RT 4.4. It almost works for me. The template I'm using is at the bottom of the email. When manually triggering the template using rt-crontool on an existing ticket, it works fine. The problem is - that

[rt-users] Assets for RT Search on Owner

2016-03-07 Thread Schwartz, Stewart
Does this work for anyone? I can't figure out why all my searches on Owner come back with "No assets matching search criteria found". This electronic message contains information generated by the USDA solely for the intended recipients. Any unauthorized interception of this message or the

[rt-users] retry if no database currently available

2016-03-07 Thread Marko Cupać
Hi, I am using rt42-4.2.12 in FreeBSD jail (let's call it apache jail). mysql56-server-5.6.27 is in another jail on the same host (let's call it mysql jail). When host starts, apache jail is instructed to start after mysql jail. However, it appears that mysql database in mysql jail is not fully