Re: [rules-users] First Order Logic - METHODS in Drools

2011-04-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
I believe eval() solves that purpose functionally but is not optimal; not sure how evals() tie in with Rete-OO Specially since the return type of eval() is not known, I can seriously doubt it being optimal as using Objects directly in conditions. - Software documentation is like sex: If its

Re: [rules-users] First Order Logic - METHODS in Drools

2011-04-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
ok thanks, i think i confused my notion of eval() with also its ability to return int on calculations in some other framework. The reason why i started this thread was to ensure in the process of Rule engineering, I could write optimal rules in mathematical notion and not have to worry about

[rules-users] First Order Logic - METHODS in Drools

2011-04-19 Thread Arjun Dhar
According to First order Logic, (from a rule perspective), one can represent their statements using: PREDICATES, METHODS, CONNECTORS (including existential quantifiers) ..while PREDICATES can be synonymous with Object and Object expressions; the only way of using methods has been via eval

[rules-users] Support for Probabilistic reasoning FOL

2011-04-12 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, though it is clear Rule Engine (lke Drools) supports Declarative programming and First order Logic or FOL (with existential quantifiers and works) am also looking for Probabilistic Reasoning. Example: Fact: A U B = C; this fact exists with a probability of 0.9. Principles namely being:

Re: [rules-users] Drools 5.1.1 : Error reporting issue in PackageBuilder

2011-03-21 Thread Arjun Dhar
ok?! Should i file a JIRA? -- View this message in context: Sent from the Drools - User mailing list archive at

[rules-users] Forrest Vs DocBook - your experience

2009-04-13 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hey, I think I saw Apache-Forrest being used in your docs earlier sometime. Now when I look at the POM I see DOC Book plugin. The Drools documentation is 'pretty' (thanks); just wanted to know if you guys employ forrest. And Are you using the two together or your doing away with one (and whats

[rules-users] Counting rules matches within a rule + optimizing evals

2009-04-11 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I have many rules. These rules may or may not belong to the same set. However, based on their name they can be grouped. Say all rules starting with Traffic_Rule, Criminal_Rule etc. Q1. I want to check after assertion of a fact (A.) how many and (B.) which all rules executed for Traffic_Rule

[rules-users] Re: Rule Count and Consequence Sets

2009-04-07 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hey, any answers? Though my questions were logical and simple for guys who would know :) ___ rules-users mailing list

[rules-users] Re: high cpu usage

2009-04-01 Thread Arjun Dhar
I dont see any mention of the rules themselves in this thread. Check if you are using a lot of evals and also you may be using the same object in all your rules; so the theoretical ReteOO performance goes for a toss coz it does branch the tree based on object type. If the above is what your

[rules-users] Re: wrapping drools api?

2008-09-24 Thread Arjun Dhar
Mark Proctor mproctor at writes: thomaskukofka at wrote: Hello, some people write about wrapping the Drools API with an own access API for integration in the application. Sorry for the perhaps stupid question, but what is the reason for this? Does this only

[rules-users] Re: Hire a programmer from JBoss Rules

2008-03-08 Thread Arjun Dhar
Don't forget the free Drools job board. Where the jobs are also listed on the blog. Hi Mark, thats what I had forgotten :o) Thanks for the link! Mark Proctor mproctor at writes: ___ rules-users mailing

[rules-users] Re: Can I reuse eval output?

2007-12-12 Thread Arjun Dhar
evals by reusing their output? no Another question is, is tehre something wrong in the above definition from a declarative programming point of view? its not idea - but sometimes over use of eval can't be helped - only you know the answer to that, being your domain model

[rules-users] Re: How and when are objects released in Stateless Session - Awsome, Thanks

2007-11-21 Thread Arjun Dhar
Mark Proctor mproctor at writes: Awsome! This was the exact level of detail I was looking for. Thank you soo much. I've been troubled abouth this for some time, and did not have time to dig through. but really appreciate it, cant tell you how thankful I am. Thanks, Arjun

[rules-users] Re: Design guidelines regarding session pools

2007-11-21 Thread Arjun Dhar
Mikael Larsson mikael.larsson at writes: Hi! Just the answer I was hoping for, thanks for the fast reply! Hmmm, I just wished the answer was also Well, if you have pooled them there is no harm :o) This is something that I've been concerned with from a long time. I do pool

[rules-users] Indep stated Sub Conditions Vs AND

2007-11-21 Thread Arjun Dhar
Whats the difference between: when Sub Condition A Sub Condition B Then ... End Vs when Sub Condition A and Sub Condition B Then ... End ..Assumping I have no need to use variables between A B, do I get a performance improvement using AND or does the Rete evaluate faster if the

[rules-users] Re: How and when are objects released in Stateless Session

2007-11-17 Thread Arjun Dhar
You cannot insert data over time into a stateless session, all data is added at the same time. When the engine has finished processing it w ill return and is finished, at this point as soon as the stateless session is available for garbage collection the objects will be removed. There is

[rules-users] Re: Fire Rules in DT based on a rule in DT

2007-11-15 Thread Arjun Dhar
Steven Williams stevearoonie at writes: I added agenda-group to decision tables in September 2006.cheersSteve 2006, or 2007? Because it was not there in JBoss Rules 4.0.0 (at least not documented). Either way, it means it exists now. So will look at the latest release

[rules-users] How and when are objects released in Stateless Session

2007-11-15 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, can someone please explain; if a stateless session is used over a log period of time. How are the objects (rather the shadows to them) released? I understand that as long as a class is not final, its shadow is created and used. This raises a concern about the life cycle of that object.

[rules-users] Fire Rules in DT based on a rule in DT

2007-11-14 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I have the following scenario. SCENARIO (simplified for discussion from actual blown up scenario) - 1. A decision table (DT) with rules for all types of employees - Call it Common DT 2. The DT mentioned in Point 1 has a condition that fetched data depending on Type Of Employee

[rules-users] Re: Ruleflow groups in decision tables

2007-10-15 Thread Arjun Dhar
Mark Proctor mproctor at writes: Knapp, Barry wrote: That generic attribute would sure be a nice place to put effective and expiration dates. Really looking forward to the patch :) Ok, so whose writing the patch? Can we have a spec of whats exactly needed?! I've been

[rules-users] Rules with 'From' condition with another not using From causes problem

2007-08-22 Thread Arjun Dhar
Test case: Write a Rule that uses a From clause and on another object does not use a from clause: example: #From row number: 28 rule Rules_28 when cntct: Contact(initialized==true) config: BooleanConfiguration(value==true) from

[rules-users] Re: Infinite Recursion, with no-loop also -- HELP

2007-08-22 Thread Arjun Dhar
Arjun Dhar dhar_ar at writes: Hi, This problem needs to be solved conceptually before technically. Assuming (I can't use Agenda Groups in decision tables). SUMMARY --- Some rules evaluate some logic and pass it to a rule which aggregates the logic to give the final

[rules-users] Re: mve bugs

2007-08-15 Thread Arjun Dhar
Should we go to Jira to find what are the open issues? I have been fighthing one issue where drools doesnt seem to be evaluating all the constraints. I have two columns with the same class on both and around 8-9 joined constraints. Constraints 5+ are never evaluated (at least my class

[rules-users] Optimization Problem - fat expressions vs ceating additional objects

2007-08-15 Thread Arjun Dhar
I have a rule: SOLUTION 1 === when cntct: Contact(initialized==true) rel: Relation(contact==cntct, active:active == $1) then … end For this to run, it requires the Relation object asserted into working memory; so I'd have to forcefully assert (Relation

[rules-users] From clause and connection time outs - suggestion

2007-08-13 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, in a load intensive operation, if a pool of JDBC connections is exausted the 'from' breaks. Ok, it should! (Not expecting magic :o) ) ,.. but I'm concerned about the trace it generates. The stack trace does not suggest the ground reality and is very abstract. Can you have an enhacement to

[rules-users] Re: Decision Tables: Probelm with sequence=true

2007-08-09 Thread Arjun Dhar
Mark Proctor mproctor at writes: I just looked at the decision-table implementation. The sequential option there is different from rulebase sequential mode, my mistake sorry. sequential the option just sets a salience value on each row, based on row number. So I see no reason

[rules-users] Re: Decision Tables: How to fit RuleBaseConfiguration?

2007-08-09 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi Mark, based on previous post I decided to write my own implementation of COnflictResolver and set that into RuleBaseConfiguration. All very well, but how do I hook it up to my rule base?? I cant find methods to connect the two. ..someone help, we're all gonna die ..kidding :o) Appreciate

[rules-users] Decision Tables: Probelm with sequence=true

2007-08-08 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I usually use decision tables without sequence. But there was a request Not to use priority and if there was a conflict then the rule on top should get priority. I thought, sequence = true was a good way of ensuring that. But in the rules I call update(); this forces all the rules to fire

[rules-users] Re: Decision Tables: Probelm with sequence=true

2007-08-08 Thread Arjun Dhar
they all have getInstance(), except Composite, so it should be fine. Hi Mark, I appreciate the tip regarding writing cutom ConflictResolvers, I needed that as a develper who cant keep his nose out of the core code. But right now as an end user I have a problem. I opened my mouth about rules

[rules-users] Latest Build for 4.0?

2007-08-05 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, on the user forum, a post was sent to update from (JAR Last updated 24th Jul 07) I also took an update from: (JAR Last updated 31st Jul 07) ...or should I just simply take the latest build from maven ???

[rules-users] Re: Why does Drools' RuleBase.addPackage() Behave This Way?

2007-08-04 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi Mark 2 different questions below: BTW how do you implement sequential loading mode? is it there in the documentation? please let me know even I'd like to experiment. Also, I keep multiple sessions in memory loaded, A request sends Fact against a session name; and that the execute for that

[rules-users] Re: Need Design Inputs

2007-08-04 Thread Arjun Dhar
I feel using Drools would increase the development time a lot.Also from a maintenance perspective it might consume lots of effort. Can anyone advice me what to use? also please let me know the PRO's and Cons if any? I think your main concern is mentioned in the last lines not the 80%

[rules-users] Multiple independent Assertions

2007-08-01 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, In stateless Session: If List of A1,B1,C1 are executed - execute(List) and at the same time in a paralell thread A2,B2,C2 are executed - execute(List) In Theory (Conceptually), I want to confirm if A1 will interfere with the rule using A2? Just want to ensure what is appropriate or

[rules-users] Re: nested accessors with Sets

2007-08-01 Thread Arjun Dhar
Q1) So would either or both not contains or not in work? Q2) Or is not contains only for List or Collection type? what about HashMaps then? Q3) Stretching my actual use case to its limits; if I want to write conditions over objects that were never asserted into the working memory (need

[rules-users] Re: nested accessors with Sets

2007-08-01 Thread Arjun Dhar
mark.mcnally at writes: My rule now appears to be working after switching from the excludes operator to the newer not contains. This works: $ca:CandidateAssociation(nurseDetails.stateLicensures not contains patientDetails.state ) This does not:

[rules-users] Bug: Shadow facts

2007-07-30 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I have an Object 'Configuration' public class BooleanConfiguration { String paramName; Boolean value; Client client; } I asserted this object and the rule was not executing as I expected. I put a break point in the object, and found that it set it correctly but whenenver the rule

[rules-users] class Cast Exception when using OR (||) - Bug?

2007-07-30 Thread Arjun Dhar
When I define a rule: When cntct:Contact (initialized==true) exr:Relation( contact==cntct, active:active==$1, relationName==Old) Then contact.getStatus().setStatus(true); contact.getStatus().addToReasonTrace(drools.getRule().getName()); end ..The bove works.

[rules-users] Re: class Cast Exception when using OR (||) - Bug?

2007-07-30 Thread Arjun Dhar
FYI Let $1 = true and the object Contact is declared 'final' thanks, Arjun ___ rules-users mailing list

[rules-users] Does the Rete Graph recognize associations independently?

2007-07-29 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, one doubt I've had while writing DRL scripts and also with others is: A { B b C c D d }; If The rules are to be Written over A, B, C Then should one assert B, C D also? --- Answer yes! Ok, now that we've asserted them, in the Rule if one uses: A.b; does the Rete graph recognize it as a

[rules-users] Re: Load working memory with old/existsing facts

2007-07-25 Thread Arjun Dhar
tom at writes: I've a use case that is similar to the TroubleTicketExample that is part of the drools examples.   In this examples new tickets are inserted via workingMemory.assertObject (ticket). However, tickets are usually managed and stored in a ticketing system

[rules-users] Re: JBoss Drools 4.0 Released

2007-07-25 Thread Arjun Dhar
CONGRATULATIONS :o) And BIG Thanks guys! Brilliant Job. Hope we can contribute better to your release. If nothing else atelast the documentation. Actually, have discovered a lot of things and notes and am wondering how to share it back. Example, writing multi table decision tables, rule

[rules-users] Re: BRMS Server - memory Issue while execution - Critical

2007-07-23 Thread Arjun Dhar
Michael Neale michael.neale at writes: Hi Arjun - I wouldn't recommend re-using session unless there is some expensive state you wish to reuse. Pooling them will use up far more resources then freeing them. You should only pool expensive to obtain resources. Hi Michael, thanks

[rules-users] Decision Table does not support Agenda Groups

2007-07-23 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I reported this earlier also, I cant understand why do we not provide AGENDA- Group support for Decision tables, while we do provide Activation? See DefaultRuleSheetListener. I need to do two things: 1. Support sequencing of rule groups 2. allow two modes: a. Execute all rules, b. Break on

[rules-users] Re: Decision Table does not support Agenda Groups

2007-07-23 Thread Arjun Dhar
I need to do two things: 1. Support sequencing of rule groups 2. allow two modes: a. Execute all rules, b. Break on first rule ..ok, let me go one level further, ...even if the decision table does not support it; I want to dynamically invoke it. This is what I really want. I.e. If the

[rules-users] Re: ConcurrentModificationException in Drools...

2007-07-23 Thread Arjun Dhar
Just info, I ran a test on about a million requests (loop) and 50 threads. approx 6 business Obectts and 15 rules. I did get any concurrent modfication issues on JBoss Rules 4. Can you please post the rule scripts/DRL used regards, Arjun Sorry Typo. I was saying is I did not get any

[rules-users] BRMS Server - memory Issue while execution - Critical

2007-07-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I've been building a BRMS server over the Drools 4MR2 API. The Server has a Boot process to allow to make it become a Rule server(s). reads and XML configuration in which a user can specify the location of the DRL, XLS, CVS, etc. During the Boot proocess it verifies thew authenticity of

[rules-users] Re: BRMS Server - memory Issue while execution - Critical

2007-07-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
QUESTION:: Is the session maintaining references to those objects ever after executing them? Why are the objects not being released? Specially I'd imagine for a STATELESS session (which is what I've set as default). Using JMeter this system crashes every time under load, even with a

[rules-users] Re: BRMS Server - memory Issue while execution - Critical

2007-07-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
Stateless sessions should not hold onto any references. Stateful do, and dispose() must be called when its finished - otherwise the rulebase holds a reference forever. If the rulebase is holding onto stateless sessions, then that is a bug. Mark Thanks a lot Mark, taking the latest binary

[rules-users] The method modify(MyBusinessObject) is undefined for the type Rule_xxx

2007-07-20 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I took the latest Snapshots from the trunk, to check if the memory leak problem was fixed, but in compiling the rules i got: The method modify(MyBusinessObject) is undefined for the type Rule_xxx Have you removed modify()? so By default modify will be invoked without having to explicitly

[rules-users] Re: JBRMS

2007-05-29 Thread Arjun Dhar
Michael Neale michael.neale at writes: Yes, as discussed, you need to add import statements for the types you want the BRMS to be aware of - if you like, create a feature request jira for auto importing. I deliberately didn't do it cause I thought it would cause more confusion,

[rules-users] JBoss Rules as a Daemon Service

2007-05-29 Thread Arjun Dhar
Hi, I uploaded the JBoss Rules 4 WAR; I saw the repository options but no admin console to run a service. Maybe I'm missing something?!?! Q) Being under the cover of the JBoss server am sure there must be some fascility to run this as a daemon service 'out of the box'! Right?? -- Important