[sqlite] Error in SQLite's CSV output

2006-10-16 Thread T
Hi All, In a similar vein to my previous posts about carriage returns in values in a database, I now have an issue with quotes (ie: ") It seems that the csv output from SQLite has a major problem/error. Within CSV format, a quote should be returned as a double quote, within quotes. For

[sqlite] bind with select?

2006-10-16 Thread Dave Dyer
I can't find an example, but it seems like there ought to be syntax to use bind to inline selection variables, instead of having to have a callback function. Something like: char *forval,*barval; sqlite_prepare(db,"select ?foo,?bar from table"); sqlite_bind("?foo",); sqlite_bind("?bar",);

[sqlite] how long a post is ok

2006-10-16 Thread Hickey, Larry
How long a post to sqlite-users is ok. I have performance question about updates but the message that explains it, although clear, runs to almost 400 lines. There is a company ftp site I can use as an alternative to point to some software and test results. The issue is performance with updates.

Re: [sqlite] Escaping wildcards when using LIKE & UTF-16

2006-10-16 Thread Vitali Lovich
Sorry.. Pressed send before completing the explanation. Most of the time is spent actually just creating the db representation of the library, which is a fairly significant amount of time - it's inserting at about 3-5 mp3 files per second into the DB, but that's only a profiled release build.

Re: [sqlite] Escaping wildcards when using LIKE & UTF-16

2006-10-16 Thread Vitali Lovich
This actually isn't really something that really has a user interface (at least not at the moment). sourceforge.net/projects/networkmedia for the little blurb - basically I'm working on a way of synchronizing disjoint music collections - i.e. music collection on laptop, music collection on

RE: [sqlite] Escaping wildcards when using LIKE & UTF-16

2006-10-16 Thread Griggs, Donald
Re: "..a possible optimization I'm thinking of ..." Is it simple to place, say, 10 SQL Bind operations in series, then see if this time is even perceptible? Since this is a human interface, is it not likely that any efforts to avoid the binds will go unnoticed because the execution time is so

Re: [sqlite] database corrouption during power failure

2006-10-16 Thread Dennis Cote
jayanth KP wrote: Thanks for ur reply. I searched in the whole source code i could not find SQLITE_NO_SYNC flag. Also i tried the following in my c code, after sqlite_open() was success. sqlite_exec(pDbHandle,"PRAGMA synchronous=FULL;", NULL, NULL, ); Even this did not seem to work. How do

Re: [sqlite] Document "Compilation Options For SQLite" is outdated

2006-10-16 Thread Dennis Cote
hongdong wrote: *"Compilation Options For SQLite" page is too old: last modified on 2005/03/19 15:10:45* ,predefine as "SQLITE_OMIT_CHECK" and "SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE" is not listed. Your best bet here is to post a bug report asking for the new options to be added to the documentation.

Re: [sqlite] Escaping wildcards when using LIKE & UTF-16

2006-10-16 Thread Vitali Lovich
Thanks for the helpful reply - it does seem like it'll probably be be better and easier to compile a new statement every time - a possible optimization I'm thinking of making is that I'll cache the fields selected in the previous query - that way I'll only need to recompile the query every

Re: [sqlite] Escaping wildcards when using LIKE & UTF-16

2006-10-16 Thread Dennis Cote
Vitali Lovich wrote: Yeah, I know I can do that, and that's my backup option. I just wasn't sure how much performance suffers in this situation because this has to keep re-compiling the SQL statements (whereas right now, all my SQL statements are only prepared once at runtime and then the

[sqlite] Cross Compilation Install Patch

2006-10-16 Thread Andrew Teirney
Hi There, Currently i am going through the process of getting a compilation of sqlite 3.3.7 going via cross compilation to mingw hosted on a linux x86 box. In doing this i discovered that there is a problem with the Makefile.in where the install target has a dependency on sqlite3 instead

Re: [sqlite] How do i do this UPDATE in SQLite?

2006-10-16 Thread Mohd Radzi Ibrahim
Thanks, that works. The syntax i used is allowed in MS SQL. best regards, Radzi. - Original Message - From: "Kees Nuyt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 1:54 PM Subject: Re: [sqlite] How do i do this UPDATE in SQLite? On Mon, 16 Oct