dmesg submitting tool

2020-09-04 Thread Nick Holland
A problem I see: It's often hard to submit a dmesg. These days, sending e-mail from an arbitrary machine is "difficult", as it usually requires use of an e-mail relay. Gathering and sending a dmesg via many common e-mail clients often ends up mangling the dmesg in various ways. Goals for a

Maintenance: (man|cvsweb), (openbsd|obsdacvs)

2020-04-13 Thread Nick Holland
hi. The following servers will likely be inaccessible at times or completely, April 14, from 7am to 8pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4) (yes -- 13 hour window) for site network maintenance. * * * * Nick.

/etc/daily : flexible df output

2019-10-27 Thread Nick Holland
In version 1.78 of /etc/daily, the -i flag was added to the df output. Apparently, some people run out of inodes. I only seem to run out of disk space, and too often, my eye skims the daily report from a machine, looks at the last column,sees a small percentage, and I decide, "all is good", even

Re: right/ tzdata files (was ports@ Re: (Mozilla) Thunderbird time zone issue)

2019-10-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 2019-10-26 09:32, Mark Kettenis wrote: >> From: "Todd C. Miller" >> Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2019 06:55:02 -0600 >> >> On Sat, 26 Oct 2019 12:15:33 +0100, Stuart Henderson wrote: >> >> > The way these files are supposed to work is that you set the system >> > clock to the time with leap-seconds

Re: small detail on faq current upgrade guide.

2019-03-13 Thread Nick Holland
On 3/13/19 7:03 AM, Janne Johansson wrote: > Since some confusion was noticed about this sentence, this might make > it clearer: ... > -Upgrading to -current by compiling your own source code is not supported. > +Upgrading to -current from a release by compiling your own source > code is not

Re: request for testing: patch for boot loader out of mem

2018-12-13 Thread Nick Holland
On 12/11/18 08:09, Otto Moerbeek wrote: > On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 11:44:47AM +0100, Otto Moerbeek wrote: > >> On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 08:30:10AM +0100, Otto Moerbeek wrote: >> >> > Hi, >> > >> > the bootloader uses a very simple allocator for dynamic memory. It >> > maintains a list of free

planned outage: openbsd.cs.toronto,edu,,

2018-01-03 Thread Nick Holland
Hiya. Due to facilities maintenance, the following resources will be unavailable from somewhere around Jan 3 8:30pm EST until Jan 7 8:30am EST: * openbsd.cs.toronto,edu * * * Thanks for your patience! Nick.

acme-client doc diff

2017-03-18 Thread Nick Holland
I found that the current man pages and example file for acme-client are confusing and leave one with an imperfect certificate setup, with the intermediate certs missing. Doesn't generate an error on OpenBSD, but does on some other OSs. So I propose these changes to the example file and man

Re: [WWW] Reverse chronological order for faq/current.html

2017-01-24 Thread Nick Holland
On 01/24/17 04:06, Raf Czlonka wrote: ... > Another way to look at it is, "Let me have a look if there's anything > new on faq/current.html - I open the page and, *without* moving > forward, can see straight away if something new has been added. No? > Then I move on with my life without scrolling

Mirror downage:,,,

2016-05-25 Thread Nick Holland
Hi. Due to a infrastructure upgrade, power to the mirror and other systems at University of Toronto, will be interrupted sometime Thursday, after 9:30pm Toronto time (EDT -- UTC-4), and should be restored Friday by 7:30am EDT. This will impact: * *

University of Toronto Mirror upcoming outages

2015-12-08 Thread Nick Holland
Hi, A heads-up for users of the University of Toronto mirror ( The University will be doing some power systems maintenance this week and next, and anticipate two planned outages: * Thursday, December 10 11:00p EST to Friday December 11, 7:00am EST * Wednesday, December

Re: Invalid HTML entities in upgrade57.html

2015-09-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 09/25/15 12:57, Kevin Zhang wrote: > Using >, & in raw text is invalid HTML. Not according to And unless you can point to an actual PROBLEM...this makes the page a lot more of a pain to maintain. There was an actual validation problem, which you prompted me to test for and,

Re: Fix some titles

2015-07-07 Thread Nick Holland
On 07/07/15 06:34, Pavel Plamenov wrote: Updated patch, paying more attention to style. Index: plus52.html ... yep, I like those. Thanks! Nick. === RCS file: /cvs/www/plus52.html,v retrieving revision 1.11 diff -u -p -r1.11

Re: RAM encryption and key storing in CPU

2015-06-13 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/12/15 01:09, ertetlen barmok wrote: Any luck with this? no luck at all, since your patch to make it happen wasn't attached to the email, and thus, never should have been sent to tech@. Personally, it looks like a highly invasive change (which also means almost certain to introduce OTHER

Re: [patch] faq12 - blobs

2015-06-07 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/06/15 11:35, Todd Mortimer wrote: Hi tech@ It seems that this question comes up frequently enough that people might be tired of answering it. Not sure if this is the right spot in the FAQ to put this, or even if this is something that people want included in there at all.

Re: [PATCH] FTP as an install method is no more

2015-06-05 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/05/15 01:15, Raf Czlonka wrote: Hi all, I think I got the most obvious ones but there might still be other ones scattered among the web pages. I'm not entirely sure how does that leave the exact wording of 'ftp.html' in terms of Download via HTTP/FTP, etc. vs. Install via ... so I

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Mention pkg-readmes in FAQ

2015-04-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 04/26/15 10:14, Eichert, Diana wrote: Point taken, but what about a readme associated with a dependency install? I've seen them buried, even scroll off screen, in pkg install with a lot of dependencies. that's why I added it. Then again, most people don't RTFM. that's why I don't expect

Re: Do you need/prefer the non-DUID option in the installer?

2015-03-15 Thread Nick Holland
On 03/15/15 14:59, Jiri B wrote: On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 11:24:32AM -0400, Kenneth Westerback wrote: Using DUIDs in the installed /etc/fstab has been the default for some time now. We'd like to eliminate the question in the installer and just use DUIDs unconditionally. But first we need

Re: FAQ 14.9: installboot example parameters reversed

2015-02-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/26/15 05:44, Rolf Sommerhalder wrote: Hi, While salvaging a CompactFlash with a corrupt partition table, I noticed that the example in appears to be outdated: # cd /usr/mdec; ./installboot /boot biosboot sd0 According to

Re: faq: remove references to aucat -M option

2015-02-23 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/23/15 04:03, Alexandre Ratchov wrote: The -M option of aucat was removed long time ago, and as we're at it mention about softsynths. OK? ok nick@, but as I'd consider you an authority on this area, please skim through the rest of this section looking for similar out-of-date-ness.

Re: [DIFF] /etc/rc: gracefully shut down base daemons too

2015-02-17 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/17/15 08:52, Ingo Schwarze wrote: ... Shutting down stuff like pflogd and syslogd before the system is actually going down might even be harmful. you maybe when doing an upgrade where the newly installed binaries are not compatible with the running kernel? Considering the

Re: faq diff: kerberos

2014-11-27 Thread Nick Holland
On 11/25/14 18:45, J Sisson wrote: Hi, kerberos was moved to ports, but the docs still link to kerberos(8): Does the following diff make sense? (Apologies in advance if gmail mangles the diff, or if the diff needs to be generated with

Re: rwho on OpenBSD 5.6

2014-11-09 Thread Nick Holland
On 11/09/14 16:07, Job Snijders wrote: On Sun, Nov 09, 2014 at 01:36:59PM -0700, Theo de Raadt wrote: I just updated to OpenBSD 5.6 and I was happy to see that rcp, rsh, rshd, rwho, rwhod, etc have been removed (at least according to the Changelog). However, the upgrade instructions fail to

Re: FAQ Part 1 typos

2014-11-06 Thread Nick Holland
On 11/06/14 09:35, Nick Permyakov wrote: Hi, Some typos on Section 1.2 - On what systems does OpenBSD run?. ...has helped produced a higher-quality code base... should read helped produce (or maybe helped to produce). Section 1.8 - What is included


2014-06-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/25/14 21:16, Nick Holland wrote: updated (again) and cvsyncd restarted. Unfortunately, this was long after the above note. *blush* But yes, there are still issues. Nick. On 06/25/14 14:51, Bob Beck wrote: If you or someone you love runs an anoncvs server


2014-06-26 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/26/14 17:18, Stuart Henderson wrote: On 2014/06/26 20:20, Christian Weisgerber wrote: As everybody noticed, there was another problem. Please update to cvsync-0.25.0pre0p0 for the latest bug fix. Sorry for all the inconvenience. At least the following anoncvs mirrors have this as of


2014-06-25 Thread Nick Holland updated (again) Nick. On 06/25/14 14:51, Bob Beck wrote: If you or someone you love runs an anoncvs server, they need to see this. As you know we recently added commitid support to cvs, and we had you update your cvsync binary. Unfortunately, the fix wasn't quite


2014-06-06 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/06/14 18:20, Stuart Henderson wrote: On 2014/06/07 00:04, Alexander Hall wrote: Care to mention the fixed package version, so one knows when it's available at the favourite mirror? cvsync-0.24.19p3, yes? That is correct. There is a -current snapshot package for i386 at

Re: OpenBSD base doesn't build on ARMv7

2013-12-25 Thread Nick Holland
On 12/25/13 19:08, Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado wrote: Hi, I've been seeing the same error for weeks: === gnu/usr.bin/cc/libgcc Using undefined dynamic variable $* (line 0 of (null)) Using undefined dynamic variable $* (line 0 of (null)) /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/cc/libgcc/obj/../cc/cc -B

OpenBSD 5.4 released Nov 1, 2013

2013-11-01 Thread Nick Holland
Belopuhov, Mike Larkin, Miod Vallat, Naoya Kaneko, Nayden Markatchev, Nicholas Marriott, Nick Holland, Nigel Taylor, Okan Demirmen, Otto Moerbeek, Pascal Stumpf, Patrick Wildt, Paul de Weerd, Paul Irofti, Peter Hessler, Peter Valchev, Philip Guenther, Pierre-Emmanuel Andre, Raphael Graf

Re: Make bioctl(4) print cache policy

2013-10-22 Thread Nick Holland
On 10/22/13 09:47, Mike Belopuhov wrote: On 22 October 2013 15:22, Mark Kettenis wrote: Diff below makes bioctl(4) print the cache policy for that's currently in effect for RAID volumes. It only prints the state (WB for write-back, WT for write-through) if the RAID

Re: ntpd jump ahead

2013-09-06 Thread Nick Holland
On 09/06/13 04:50, Stuart Henderson wrote: On 2013/09/05 20:03, Barry Grumbine wrote: Non-VM use case: The BeagleBone Black has no RTC, so -j could be useful for cheap little ARM development boards. -s is fine for that (and the same for those of the alix boards with no rtc battery, etc).

Re: /usr/src/etc/mail/aliases formatting

2013-06-23 Thread Nick Holland
On 06/23/13 04:39, MichaƂ Markowski wrote: Now, this file is mix of spaces and tabs: $ vis -t /cvs/src/etc/mail/aliases # #\^I$OpenBSD: aliases,v 1.37 2012/10/13 07:42:39 dcoppa Exp $ ... This diff provides more consistent formatting with tabs throughout the file (sorry for link, but gmail

Re: ftpd log address format

2013-05-07 Thread Nick Holland
On 05/07/2013 04:15 PM, Stuart Henderson wrote: On 2013/05/07 16:09, Ted Unangst wrote: On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 20:54, Stuart Henderson wrote: I don't like logging both because there's a not unreasonable chance the reverse name will be a complete lie, which will just mislead you. Oh, it

Re: ftpd log address format

2013-05-05 Thread Nick Holland
On 05/04/13 01:57, Ted Unangst wrote: On Sat, May 04, 2013 at 07:26, Martijn van Duren wrote: For a lot of cases this isn't a problem. But there are a couple of instances where the domain name resolves to something a little to generic to be useful to determine it's origin and hence I'm not

Re: [UPDATE] www/papers/index.html - Eric's OpenSMTPd presentation

2013-04-02 Thread Nick Holland
On 04/02/2013 09:20 AM, Jiri B wrote: Index: index.html === RCS file: /cvs/www/papers/index.html,v retrieving revision 1.166 diff -u -p -r1.166 index.html --- index.html 23 Mar 2013 17:56:07 - 1.166 +++ index.html 2 Apr

Re: goodbye to some isa devices

2013-03-27 Thread Nick Holland
my thoughts inline... On 03/26/13 05:20, Ted Unangst wrote: These isa devs are already disabled and not particularly popular among our users. affected: tcic, sea, wds, eg, el Index: arch/i386/conf/GENERIC === RCS file:

Re: Fixing a phrase in /stable.html

2013-02-18 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/17/13 04:54, Jason McIntyre wrote: On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 01:29:00PM +0400, Nick Permyakov wrote: Hi, I might be nitpicking, but the sentence This will take awhile... at the bottom of doesn't seem very grammatical to me. I'd suggest fixing it to

Re: Fixing a phrase in /stable.html

2013-02-18 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/18/13 19:51, Chris Cappuccio wrote: Marc Espie [] wrote: This seems like a disturbing trend to me. are we going to turn www into a dumbed-down international english slang ? ... Yeah, we need some more translations of www. What should we call the mix of hillbilly,

Re: CVS changeset that fixed multiple NIC issue in 5.2-CURRENT?

2012-12-12 Thread Nick Holland
On 12/12/2012 02:37 PM, Robbert Kouprie wrote: ... As this is going to be a production system, I would prefer to run STABLE + this specific fix. ... You will, I think, be better off running -current (which is supported) than a Frankenstein monster with an inaccurate name (which is not

Re: [patch] -H flag for grep.

2011-02-22 Thread Nick Holland
On 02/22/11 16:47, Stuart Henderson wrote: On 2011/02/22 01:08, patrick keshishian wrote: find . -name '*.c' -exec awk '/bla/ {print FILENAME $0}' my that's awkward. ^^^ *groan* d'oh. I missed that. And I thought I was good at the bad pun. Nick.

Re: softraid clarification in manpage

2011-01-28 Thread Nick Holland
On 01/27/11 17:17, Amit Kulkarni wrote: thib@, That's a much better suggestion, also keeping in mind what jmc@ said. I will send a unified diff against the following file over the weekend. But first I will tear down the mirror and

Re: softraid cleanup

2010-11-07 Thread Nick Holland
On 11/02/10 15:56, Marco Peereboom wrote: Got tons of great test results but still not an independent RAID 1 rebuild. I really want to commit this but I won't until someone else besides me tests this. On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 02:17:58PM -0500, Marco Peereboom wrote: Sun E250 (sparc64),

Re: snapshot install, disklabel quirks

2010-08-17 Thread Nick Holland
On 08/17/10 03:24, Thomas de Grivel wrote: For the record, i met a couple problems with the snapshot install - when selecting custom layout of an existing OpenBSD partition, the disklabel utility had kept the mount points from the auto layout, and refused that i set them, what it thought

Re: faq14.html

2010-03-08 Thread Nick Holland
J.C. Roberts wrote: Initially, I just wanted to fix the use create typo, but decided to make it shorter, more accurate, and more clear in the process. committed. btw: this is a good type of diff. Too often, people will spot the typo, correct the typo, and leave the rest of the section poorly

Re: Add rEFIt bootloader to FAQ4

2010-03-07 Thread Nick Holland
Lars Nooden wrote: rEFIt can be used with OpenBSD, especially when dual booting OS X, or when triple booting OS X and Linux. Good suggestion, just added it. two issues about your diff, however: 1) gmail mangled it. (and oddly. I'm sure they have a reason for what they did to it, but I'm at a

Re: Clearing the console each time a user logs out

2009-07-17 Thread Nick Holland
Stuart Henderson wrote: I think I looked at this before then forgot about it, I'm in two minds whether to update it, or just remove the faq entry, because it doesn't really work all that well (doesn't clear the scrollback) and it forces serial ports to have control sequences that might