Re: [WISPA] tv whitespaces filings

2007-02-25 Thread Dave Hulsebus
Portative filed. : **2007225097486** David Hulsebus Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote: Good grief guys, there are only 12 new filings in the last week or so!! Why, in the name of God, would the FCC give a rats behind about our industry if we can't be bothered to talk to

Re: [WISPA] Cisco Wireless Bridges

2007-10-21 Thread Dave Hulsebus
is interested. Otherwise I'll put it on eBay next week. First dibs goes to a WISPA member. Send an e-mail off list please. Dave Hulsebus Portative Technologies Don Annas wrote: Is anyone using the Cisco 1300 or 1400 series AP/Bridges? I know they are a bit pricing, but was curious how

Re: [WISPA] WR 900 question

2007-11-16 Thread Dave Hulsebus
moisture through itself into the filter. Dave Hulsebus Portative Technologies chris cooper wrote: We have a WR 900 MHz cell that saw a sudden 10 db jump in noise. Running spec ans from other towers doesn't show this rise in noise in the same band. Doing sweeps from the tower using another device

Re: [WISPA] Wireless Security Survey

2008-03-27 Thread Dave Hulsebus
Tim, I didn't ask for an e-mail of the results to be sent to me. However, it might be appropriate to send a copy of the results to this list for discussion purposes. Thank you, Dave Hulsebus Tim McMicken wrote: Marlon_ I agree with you. However, I don't think the chair of my thesis

Re: [WISPA] Needs - Antenna Mast

2008-04-10 Thread Dave Hulsebus
years back. Tessco carries the Rohn 50 ft for around $100. Thanks, Dave Hulsebus Cliff - iBook wrote: I am looking for another source for the typical TV antenna pole that we have been using. We have been purchasing 30 50' telescopic antenna masts from our local Lowes and Home Depot stores

[WISPA] Re: Wireless Digest, Vol 26, Issue 11

2007-04-08 Thread Dave Hulsebus
less is better. My disclaimer. I don't own or have interest in any of the companies I've discussed other than my own. Just my thoughts. Good Luck, Dave Hulsebus Portative Technologies Corydon, IN Message: 6 Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 10:14:14 -0500 From: Jim Stout [EMAIL

Re: [WISPA] shielded rj45 ends

2013-07-23 Thread Dave Hulsebus
We found the last 3 boxes of Tough connectors we've purchased have had issues staying snapped into NanoBridges. They just won't snap in and work their way out just enough to cause failure over time. No issues with any other radio's - just NB's. Has anyone else experienced this issue ? Dave

Re: [WISPA] shielded rj45 ends

2013-07-24 Thread Dave Hulsebus
To: WISPA General List Subject: Re: [WISPA] shielded rj45 ends Pull the tab out a bit. Josh Luthman Office: 937-552-2340 Direct: 937-552-2343 1100 Wayne St Suite 1337 Troy, OH 45373 On Jul 23, 2013 4:26 PM, Dave Hulsebus wrote: We found the last 3 boxes of Tough connectors

Re: [WISPA] shielded rj45 ends

2013-07-24 Thread Dave Hulsebus
45373 On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Dave Hulsebus wrote: Thanks Josh, We've tried that, a bit, more than a bit, pulled to the breaking point, none of that makes a difference. We've tried multiple crimping tools. We can put a non-shielded connector on and it snaps

Re: [WISPA] Need small non-penetrating roof mount for single Nanostation + 5ft mast

2013-07-30 Thread Dave Hulsebus
I used a 5 gallon bucket, a bag of quikcrete, and a pipe for a NS5 a few years ago on a flat roof. _ From: [] On Behalf Of Joey Craig Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 2:04 PM To: WISPA General List Subject: Re: [WISPA] Need small