Re: [Spam] :Re: More than one H1? (was [WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest)

2009-10-16 Thread Oliver Boermans
2009/10/16 Adam Martin Again the logo is usually only the most important thing to the owner - not the customer - the customer will recognise if they are on the right site or not. I believe it”s appropriate to represent the logo as a h1 on a site’s home page, unless you

Re: [WSG] Re: More than one H1?

2009-10-16 Thread Oliver Boermans
2009/10/16 Jason Grant Ollie you are threading a dangerous ground there. Explained here why you are wrong: Good link for this thread Jason. Although I don’t understand why the company name would be

Re: [WSG] Is pressing Enter to submit (or not) on forms an accessability issue? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

2009-10-21 Thread Oliver Boermans
2009/10/21 Chris Vickery In this case it’s for an input field, not a textarea, and enter will still not submit (unless you tab out) so in this case makes it contrary to ‘native browser behaviour’. This would potentially create annoyance to users of Safari on an

Re: [WSG] strange behavior in IE7

2009-11-10 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Ido 2009/11/10 Ido dekkers I'm having trouble with this table which is part of a page not shown: in IE7 only when hovering over the table different cells get colored red? now i know the first css rule causes it. what i don't know

Re: [WSG] site feedback

2009-11-12 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Marvin 2009/11/12 Marvin Hunkin here'sthe current version and hopefully the final version. now from a accessibility view point, and a layout and content viewpoint. what do you think? It has a plain and unsophisticated look but there’s a certain honesty that comes

Re: [WSG] 8 invites for Google Wave

2009-12-03 Thread Oliver Boermans
30 wave invites spare. Don’t reply here! If you would like one email me directly or DM me on twitter: Ollie @ollicle *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] CSS off button

2010-01-22 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Kevin On 23 January 2010 06:52, Erickson, Kevin (DOE) wrote: Could anyone please tell me if there is a right way to put a clickable button in a web page that will turn off all CSS? Why do you want to switch off CSS? Reasons aside, the simplest method that

Re: [WSG] CSS off button

2010-01-27 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 27 January 2010 17:55, Jayachandran Kandasamy wrote:  $(document).ready(function(){   $(input.offButt).click(function() {    if($(head:has(style)) $(head:has(link))){ $(head:has(style)).remove(); $(head:has(link)).remove();    }   });  }); I’m

Re: [WSG] How to resolve z-index problem for select box in IE 6

2010-01-28 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 28 January 2010 17:32, Brajesh Patel wrote: I am getting Z-index problem in IE 6. back ground select box are displaying on the popup when popup appear, it's working fine on the firefox but getting problem in IE 6, Please suggest solution this is major issue for  me.

Re: [WSG] Accessibility does not matter!

2010-01-29 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 30/01/2010, at 11:04 AM, Peter Mount wrote: Even with closed systems like intranets you're playing with fire if you don't have regard for accessibility. Agreed. Web applications built ‘for' closed intranets are the reason so many corporates still have IE6 installed.

[WSG] Minimal forms or marking up a search field

2010-01-30 Thread Oliver Boermans
A practical distraction for the standardistas and accessibility gurus… Hoping tap your brain for an alternative perspective on the simple and common HTML scenario of a site search form. fieldset legendSearch this site/legend label for=searchKeyword/s/label input type=text

Re: [WSG] Minimal forms or marking up a search field

2010-01-30 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 31 January 2010 13:45, Thierry Koblentz wrote: You do not need fieldset nor a legend as they are intended for grouping form fields on more complex forms. I agree. I'd just use a DIV to wrap these form controls. Thanks guys, I’m glad I asked this question. I was

Re: [WSG] Line wrap multiple select box

2010-02-18 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Paul, On 17 February 2010 01:51, Paul Collins wrote: I'm have a fixed width on a multiple select box. The problem is, some of the options are longer than the width and by default the lines won't wrap. I'm wondering if anyone has seen a way of making lines wrap using

Re: [WSG] Standards based Drupal WYSIWYG Editor

2010-02-26 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi James, On 27 February 2010 03:30, James O'Neill wrote: I am not at all happy with the FCK editor. I am starting to look at Time MCE and Standard. When you say FCK editor do you mean the current version? Now called CKEditor. Broadly, I’m very interested to hear

Re: [WSG] Background music on web pages

2010-02-28 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Lesley, On 1 March 2010 00:55, Lesley Lutomski wrote: Thanks to all who have replied. The clients in question are a committee (first problem!), who all say Oh, I know nothing about computers/the internet but at the same time refuse to be guided.  Referring them to

Re: [WSG] Standards based Drupal WYSIWYG Editor

2010-03-01 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 01/03/2010, at 8:44 AM, Sam Dwyer wrote: Hope some of that helps. (Hi to the mailing list by the way, this is my first post since I joined, look forward to engaging with you all) Thanks Sam and welcome, great to get your perspective on TinyMCE, if you ever do dig

Re: [WSG] color contrast, success criterion 1.4.3

2010-05-03 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi tee On 3 May 2010 20:20, tee wrote: I need to pass a site for SC 1.4.3 and I was told some areas (especially link texts) do not passed.  I ran the site through Juice studios Color Contrast Analyser as well as Color Checker Firefox extension and they fail in some

Re: [WSG] link rel=stylesheet question

2010-07-17 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Jody, On Sunday, July 18, 2010, Jody Tate wrote: In a stylesheet link, does the order of rel, href and type affect how a browser understands, loads, etc. a stylesheet? No, the order of HTML attributes is not important; Unless you are doing something invalid

Re: [WSG] Overflow hidden and floated divs

2010-07-18 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Stevio On 16 July 2010 00:41, Stevio wrote: My question is why does it do this? I have looked up what overflow hidden is meant to do and from what I read it sounds like the content should just get clipped at the right hand side and not be shown. Why is it causing the box

Re: [WSG] @import and IE7

2010-07-24 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Cole On Saturday, July 24, 2010, Cole Kuryakin wrote: Hello All - I've finally decided that I'd like to link/link a single base style sheet (base.css) into my projects. The base.css would then @import various other style sheets which would define the dclarations for

Re: [WSG] CSS support of HTML5 tags not ready yet?

2010-09-29 Thread Oliver Boermans
I don't have any personal experience with this stuff but your discussion rereminded me of a page I bookmarked recently: Sorry if it is not relevant, have not read the whole thread in detail. Hope it helps! -- Cheers Ollie @ollicle On Wednesday, September

Re: [WSG] best formatting for alt text

2010-11-12 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 13 November 2010 11:33, Janice Schwarz wrote: Alt text is not formatted. You just have alt=your description here. And that's it. Janice On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 6:23 PM, cat soul wrote: Hello; I am assuming that alt text will be heard and not

Re: [WSG] why :first-child pseudo-class doesn't work for some selectors/elements?

2011-03-06 Thread Oliver Boermans
An alternative to get the first dd in a dl: :first-child + dd { ... } I'm not sure how browser support for '+' compares to 'first-of-type'. Cheers Ollie -- @ollicle On 06/03/2011, at 20:33, tee wrote: dt, dd { border-top:1px solid

Re: [WSG] question about screen reader behavior when pulling in content via Ajax fetch

2011-03-26 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi tee On 26/03/2011, at 4:50 PM, tee wrote: I have a small login popup box, and is using Ajax fetch to pull in the login page. Due to the way the system works, the login page default is to use a page template instead of just the chunk of login code placed in a header

Re: [WSG] Site test?

2011-05-21 Thread Oliver Boermans
The transition is smooth and the paging buttons just big enough to hit with my finger on my iPad. Agree regarding the blue on blue nav. Clearly you have not finished so I'll leave it there. -- @ollicle On 22/05/2011, at 7:03 AM, Andrew Maben wrote: Looks good on my

Re: [WSG] a:link behaviors issues

2011-07-29 Thread Oliver Boermans
Mathew is asking the pertinent question. There are five pseudo selectors to consider on links: :link :visited :focus :hover :active By applying the font attributes to link and visited you leave the others undefined. You could apply the attributes to all states, although the more efficient

Re: [WSG] Wrapping text before float drop

2011-11-03 Thread Oliver Boermans
One more: - Option 4 - overflow: hidden instead of float on the second div - Although you may need to set some form of width on the first for this to work. On 4 November 2011 06:51, Russ Weakley

Re: [WSG] Using ellipsis to indicate truncated overflow content

2011-11-23 Thread Oliver Boermans
You could possibly use JavaScript to implement it in browsers that don’t support it. I’ve seen a few jQuery plugins written for the purpose. For example: I’ve not used it myself. HTH Ollie On 23/11/2011, at 4:13 PM, Ben Buchanan wrote:

Re: [WSG] Expected behaviour of links to external websites

2011-12-28 Thread Oliver Boermans
This subject and me have some history so please excuse me if I get a little ranty. I’ll do my level best to be rational and on topic. Here goes… To my mind this comes down to a very simple question: What will the user of the website (or piece of software) you are building expect to happen when

Re: [WSG] list heading - best practice?

2012-03-07 Thread Oliver Boermans
On 6 March 2012 09:20, Dan Freeman wrote: How about in HTML5? section     headerSome Title/header     ul     liItem 1/li     liItem 2/li     liItem 3/li

Re: [WSG] More on spam traps

2012-08-22 Thread Oliver Boermans
Hi Bob, A few points: - The form submission was likely posted without JavaScript - There is no point confronting a robot with the reality of it’s existence Look into writing a filter on your email inbox or server that can eliminate such messages without your intervention. Don’t give up :) Ollie