2009/10/21 Chris Vickery <chris.vick...@privacy.gov.au>:
> In this case it’s for an input field, not a textarea, and enter will still
> not submit (unless you tab out) so in this case makes it contrary to ‘native
> browser behaviour’.

This would potentially create annoyance to users of Safari on an
iPhone or iPod Touch.
When you have a text input focused (in contrast to a textarea) Mobile
Safari displays a big blue [ Go ] button in the bottom right corner
which one would expect will submit the form (equivalent to hitting
If Enter does not submit the form it will be necessary for Mobile
Safari users to leave the 'form mode' by clicking [Done] and then
manually tap the submit button. I would consider this unexpected
behaviour a usability issue at very least.

Cheers Ollie

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