Re: [WSG] print headers/footers

2004-04-26 Thread Robert O'Neill
Just a quick note to all UK designers out there (can't speak for other countries), if you design with 'most of our visitors' in mind be afraid, very afraid. A printed page with headers and footers stating Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995 could be heading your way soon. Unless your

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2004-04-26 Thread Robert O'Neill
nd still makes sense without the styles... Of course, if Barbara was hoping to put essential information in purely CSS generated headers/footers, which would not appear in browsers which don't support print styles, then yes, your point is valid... P -Original Message- From: Robert O'N

RE: [Maybe Spam] RE: [WSG] print headers/footers

2004-04-26 Thread Robert O'Neill
. Otherwise, you just end up design to the lowest of the lowest common denominators, and we may as well just do unstyled html 2.0 or something.PPatrick H. LaukeWebmaster / University of Salford Original Message- From: Robert O'Neill

[WSG] My CSS not multi browser - help needed

2004-07-01 Thread Robert O'Neill
Hello all, this is my first attempt at moving from tables to CSS for layout: Looks as expected in IE6 but navigation does not float as expected in Opera and in Mozilla the footer moves to the top of the page. Any help, advice, or guidancewould

RE: Future.....(was: Re: [WSG] iFrames vs Scrolling Divs)

2004-07-08 Thread Robert O'Neill
While your giving a history lesson, do you know when Sun first introduced Java Server Pages. Just need to check someone in not telling fibs on their CV. Please visit the PPA Website at:

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-06 Thread Robert O'Neill
If I wanted new windows in my house I'd buy from the BS Standard compliant company every time, wouldn't you ? The thing is though,if I click on the BS Standard logo it can't prove to me that the company is actually compliant , however in our industry, we as web designers can use our W3C logos

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-07 Thread Robert O'Neill
I made the comparison to the construction industry because: 1. we are both in the business of building things and 2. the standards used benefit the end user. A 'brickie' lays bricks in one of a number of standard methods using standard materials. The benefit of this is that the house

Re: [WSG] talking points for standards

2005-12-07 Thread Robert O'Neill
Yes, the key to this argument/discussion is whether your site offers a service to the general public. As suggested earlier we cant expect someone hosting his/her home page on Geocities to follow web standards, but anyone offering services online bears a moral responsibility to make those

Re: [WSG] Out of Office AutoReply: WSG Digest (Out of Office)

2007-08-24 Thread Robert O'Neill
I will be out of the office until Monday 3rd September. You can contact the web team directly on 5836 or via the email group 'web development'. *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** *** NHSBSA DISCLAIMER *** This e-mail and any attachments transmitted with it, including replies and forwarded copies