Re: [Zope] Tools used for programming Zope

2001-01-18 Thread Ayhan Ergul

 I need to have source code readable on the filesystem independent of a
 Zope server, so that I can do things like CVS them, use any editor
 on them, grep them, etc. It seems that my only choice is to write
 products in Python itself, instead of using the web interface of Zope,
 which is one of the cool features of Zope

I just came accross a wintel utility ($) called webdrive
( that could answer some of your needs like
grepping or using your editor of choice. It mounts an FTP/WebDAV server as
a drive in windows explorer. You can then edit the files with your tools,
etc. It would be of very limited use with CVS though. They have a 20-day
trial if you want to have a go at it.


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Re: [Zope] is it possible to import from Excel

2000-12-27 Thread Ayhan Ergul

When on a windows platform, I prefer to define an ODBC datasource on the
excel spreadsheet, write ZSQL method that selects the fields to be
imported, write a DTML method that iterates on returned records and call
another ZSQL method that writes into Gadfly.

You may need to handle None/Missing values to prevent from ending up in
gadfly as 'None' etc.


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Re: [Zope] trouble compiling DCOracle

2000-10-14 Thread Ayhan Ergul

 The output from *make* had a number of errors, but compiled the shared

Warnings from C compilers are always part of the fun! They say something
can potentially be/go wrong, but not necessarily so. Take a deep breath
and move on.

 Testing the created shared object files went something like this:

 [sweetrig@shamalama src]# python
 Traceback (innermost last):
   File #34;;, line 1, in ?
 import Buffer, oci_, sys
 ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such
 file or directory

Make sure your ORACLE_HOME environment var is properly set before running
the test script. You'll probably want to put it in your zope start script


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Re: [Zope] Connection Problem with Oracle

2000-10-12 Thread Ayhan Ergul

 I created a connection to an Oracle database. Frequently,
 the connection breaks and I got a database error in the page that
 displays the query result. When I logon as a manager I find that the
 connection is closed (by itself, nothing changed in Oracle or Zope),
 when I try to open it I get an error "Invalid connection string". Even
 if I create another connection it can't work.. After a while it
 works. Even after restarting the Zope server the problem persists.

I'm not sure why the same connection string would work only some of the
time. Maybe some other error from sqlnet is misreported. In any case, look
for sqlnet.log at the directory where zope was started. You can get more
info on the errors you're experiencing. Furthermore try running zope with
nohup and monitor the nohup.out file that gets generated. You can see how
frequently your zope goes down (if running as deamon under linux).

Frequent problems with Oracle setup stem from read permissions on files
used by sqlnet (e.g. message files). Make sure such files are readable by
whatever user your zope is running as. 


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Re: [Zope] DCOracle 1.3.2 for Windows NT

2000-10-04 Thread Ayhan Ergul

Marcin Dzienniak wrote:
 I 'm looking for oci driver (DCOracle 1.3.2) to Windows NT platform,
 I have heard that someone in this community buit DCOracle for NT and I
 wonder if you can help me.
 I would be gratefull if you could send me a makefile to this
 platform or a comliled file (*.pyd).
 I have Oracle 8i 8.1.6 .

I had compiled DCOracle 1.3.1 b1 libraries as .dll's a while back on
WinNT4.0 against Oracle and they worked fine for me until we moved
onto Linux. I've attached it hoping it works for you (and maybe others).


Re: [Zope] FSSession problems...

2000-09-18 Thread Ayhan Ergul

I am also experiencing the problem of two different users sharing the same
session inadvertently. However, in my case, I can disqualify a few things
that were previously discussed as possible reasons why this happens and
add some more info:

- Zope is running without Apache
- Clients have different SessionUID's assigned (2580309312979106
vs. 26209573571042815)
- Clients are netscape on linux running on the same computer as zope
vs. netscape on nt4 in the same local network as the other (with no
caching in between).
- I have the two browsers open and I can freely modify page on one, reload
the same page on the other and see the updates reflected.

Any clues appreciated.


On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Curtis Maloney wrote:
 On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Pavlos Christoforou wrote:
  On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Curtis Maloney wrote:
   This was aparently working fine for quite some time (about a month
   public usage), until last week.  We have examined logs, and seen
that one
   person accidentaly used the system under someone elses ReturnerID,
   then rectified their mistake.
  If he did rectify the mistake then that should not have resulted in a
  problem. In any case the problem should have been isolated to that
  only. Could it be that the cookie is cached somewhere? I am not
  with the underlying pricinciples of the apache Proxy directives.
 The user 'rectified' the problem by submitting the request again under
 own ID.  I don't know when/how they noticed, and am not able to contact
 for further comment.
 As for the cookie being cached, I don't know.  It is possible, as I
 that Apache is causing problems.  ProxyForward means that when a URL
 a rule, it will be 'forwarded' to another server, and the returned page 
 issued as if from Apache.
 From the benchmarks I've seen, this is the fastest way to run
Zope.  However, 
 I can see how it could confuse Zope into thinking two different users 
 requests are from the same machine, since all the requests are coming
 Apache.  However, I am hoping (going to check on this, of course
:)  that the 
 smart folks at Apache have made it 'proxy' properly, to avoid this sort

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[Zope] Retrieving ROWID's from Oracle crashes python

2000-09-03 Thread Ayhan Ergul

Zope has been dying silently with the following configuration:

Zope version: Zope 2.2.1 (binary release, python 1.5.2, linux2-x86) 
Python version: 1.5.2 (#10, Dec 6 1999, 12:16:27) [GCC] 
System Platform: linux2
Oracle 8i (

Not being able to figure out what the problem was, I replicated the
site on WinNT zope. Crashes repeated there too with NT popping up a
dialog box telling that python.exe could not read some memory

I tracked the problem down to a query that returned ROWID's from an
Oracle table. Upon rewriting the query to eliminate the need for
ROWID's, crashes went away and Zope has been up since.

Anybody had a similar experience? Is it a problem with DCOracle


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