Re: [Zope-dev] A note on the PyCon Program committee.

2009-11-03 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
I also proposed a Grok tutorial, but I've had no word about its
acceptance or declination. My zope talk where I would discuss Grok,
buildout and zope.component was rejected.

Carlos de la Guardia

On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 1:13 PM, Chris McDonough wrote:
 So were any Zope talks/tutorials accepted?

 FWIW, Tres had a BFG talk accepted, and Carlos had a BFG talk and a BFG
 tutorial accepted.  I proposed a talk about profiling that didn't make it.

 The TG guys had one talk accepted.

 Not sure about Pylons.

 I assume Django had a bunch, but I don't know for sure.

 - C

 Martijn Faassen wrote:
 Chris McDonough wrote:
 Another way to avoid this in the future besides joining the committee would 
 for notable members of the Zope community to reach out on a regular (daily)
 basis to other Python-using communities.  Offer them well-documented 
 visit their sprints and conferences, try their alphas, join their IRC 
 participate in their maillists and so on.  It's harder to do intercommunity
 politics daily in this way as opposed to facing off yearly, but it will 
 a higher, more lasting payoff.

 I'm very much in agreement on this. Blogging is another way to reach
 out. Reach out and interact.

 It's indeed hard work to do this right. I am sitting on a few pieces of
 software that are either interesting to non-Zope people or in fact
 directly usable, but I haven't had the time yet to blog about them. I
 intend to start blogging on a more regular basis again soon.

 It's who you know, not what you know unfortunately, even in open 
 source, as
 much as we like to believe in meritocracy.

 That's true too. I'm a natural noise-maker, and I discovered that while
 as a result of this I embarrass myself in public on a regular basis, it
 also means a lot of people know who I am. That's a good thing.



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Re: [Zope] repoze.bfg 1.0 released

2009-07-07 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
Sorry, there is a slight mistake in the announcement. It should be:

easy_install -i

Docs on the site have the correct index URL.

Carlos de la Guardia

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 4:08 AM, Maurits van Rees

 Chris McDonough, on 2009-07-06:
  The first major release of the BFG web framework (aka repoze.bfg),
  version 1.0, is available.  See for general
  information about repoze.bfg.

 Great news!  Thanks to all contributors!

  Quick installation:
 easy_install -i repoze.bfg

 That is not working:

  $ easy_install -i repoze.bfg
  Searching for repoze.bfg
  Couldn't find index page for 'repoze.bfg' (maybe misspelled?)
  Scanning index of all packages (this may take a while)
  No local packages or download links found for repoze.bfg
  error: Could not find suitable distribution for

 You need the -f option, for find-links:

  $ easy_install -f repoze.bfg
  Searching for repoze.bfg
  Best match: repoze.bfg 1.0

 Maurits van Rees |
Work |
 This is your day, don't let them take it away. [Barlow Girl]

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Re: [ZWeb] Foundation Site

2006-10-13 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
Hi,great work!One correction, though. The membership agreement PDF states the associate member fee is $295, while
 says the fee is only $95.Carlos de la GuardiaOn 10/12/06, Andrew Sawyers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
See:foundation.zope.orgThis is using Darryl's magic.It was painful to get such a beast of RH 9
working (with 2 arms tied behind my back) but we did it.Thanks Darryl andDavid from ZC.I will need to speak with someone about getting the necessary pieces fromDarryl's end into svn so we can have the whole ball of wax in svn.
Andrew Sawyers___Zope-web
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Re: [Zope] zope 3 invisibility

2006-09-07 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
Thanks for sharing your 'feelings', Sascha. I agree that this list works very well.Don't worry, I won't be moving my blog here anytime soon ;)I don't think I have a problem distinguishing blogs and mailing lists. In fact, I mostly agree with your definitions, but I'm not the first to use the list as a means to talk to the community about something not technical, and the fact that I received a handful of responses proves that not everybody is opposed to that. After all, the question was about the list itself. I will of course not abuse this mechanism and will take into account what you have said.
Thanks very much.Carlos de la GuardiaThis list is here to help with technical problems. In general I would
say it's very good at it. It doesn't really seem to exist for communitybuilding. If it was here for that, I wouldn't be here and I believe manyothers the same That's why I decided to see
 if anyone on this list feels like commenting about this,Thank $DEITY people don't just express how they feel when someone comeshere with a problem.From: Ben 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: [Zope] Re: Problems starting ZEO with zeoctl This fixed it.See? This is the kind of response this list solitices as an end result.Blogs are fine (I'm blogging myself), but they do an entirely different
job than a mailing list. If you haven't understood that, you have aproblem with blogging and/or mailing lists. People write on their blogswhen they want to express their oppinion or when they want to drop a
technical article. They write on the mailing list when their blogsoftware breaks down.So I feel your weighting up of mailing lists and blogs is invalid :-)Regards,Sascha

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Re: [Zope] Re: zope 3 invisibility

2006-09-06 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
Thanks for your responses. I can say from experience that even a barely known blog by an unheralded developer can attract some attention now and then and that blogs by leading developers of a given project, like Philipp's own blog, can be a very good source of news about an interesting project.
While I agree that to blog or not to blog is a matter of taste, I don't think that it is that difficult to use blogs. You just need to find the feed for an interesting blog once, which is easier than a lot of lists (even Zope's, if I recall correctly), that require you to sign on from a web page and validate email at the time you subscribe. Also, subscribing to blogs of people you respect reduce the noise a little bit, and managing a dozen blogs seems to me a lot easier than a dozen mailing lists, but your mileage may vary. The main thing going for blogs regarding buzz is that if your post is linked to by a couple of bloggers, it may end up being read by an audience you never expected, and the effect can sometimes multiply. That just doesn't happen with mailing lists.
Anyway, I'm just saying that perhaps this quality of the Zope community makes it a little harder to get to know Zope 3 these days (many bloggers have seen to it that Zope 2 is better known, though sadly in a negative way for Zope). Of course, that doesn't mean the community is doing anything wrong. Like Martin Aspeli said in a blog post, maybe we're just not that kind of people ( de la Guardia

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[Zope] zope 3 invisibility

2006-09-05 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
Hello everyone,I frequently blog about Zope, and recently posted a list of 10 reasons why I think Zope 3 is kind of invisible to the Python community (see my blog at
). One of the things that I talk about in that post is that the Zope community tends to interact more through its mailing lists than its blogs, as opposed to other so-called modern frameworks, like Django and Turbogears. 
I have been following the efforts of the Zope 3 developers and sometimes wonder why this invisibility effect takes place. That's why I decided to see if anyone on this list feels like commenting about this, or any of my other 10 points. I am very interested in the dynamics of the Zope community and the place of Zope in the larger Python community, and would be very thankful for any comments, here or on the blog.
Thanks very much.Carlos de la Guardia
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[Zope] python product structure

2006-01-14 Thread Carlos de la Guardia
hello all,

I want to document the recommended structure of a product. I blogged
about this at

I would like some comments on what I believe are the possible
structures. First, here's more or less what everybody uses these days:

 / MyProduct
  |||| docs/ zpt/ www / tests

not sure whether to include a help directory anymore. Maybe I'm wrong,
but I don't think many people use the Zope management help API.
if one is going to work with Zope 2.8 and use Five, there is also this possibility,
which also has some common elements with Plone/CMF structures:

 / MyProduct
  ||| configure.zcml ||| adapters/ docs/ skins/ tests

people seem to use an interfaces directory instead of a file, and the
same thing happens with I still have to do some research
about this and explain all the parts at least briefly, but I wanted to see if anyone wants to comment on this first.


Carlos de la Guardia
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Re: [Zope] ANN: ZSyncer 0.7.1-beta1 released

2006-01-13 Thread Carlos de la Guardia

we just installed Zsyncer 0.7.1-beta1 on a couple of our servers and
have run into some problems with page template synchronization. Some
items that have different time stamps on the server and on the
development machines show on th sync screen as synchronized even when
they are different. Then if we do a 'get' from the client, it fetches
the file but the objects now appear as unsynchronized! We are using
Zope 2.8.0 on the clients (Windows) and Zope 2.8.4 on the server
(Linux), could this be the problem?

Thanks a lot.

Carlos de la GuardiaOn 12/22/05, Paul Winkler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
ZSyncer 0.7.1-beta1 ReleasedZSyncer is a Zope 2 product that allows you to synchronize and compareobjects from one zope (source) to another (destination). It is a lotmore convenient than the old manual export / transfer / import
procedure.Version 0.7.1-beta1 (2005/12/22) is available for download fromsourceforge:
This is a beta of a minor bugfix release. The fixes are all UI-related,and thus 0.7.1 should interoperate well with 0.7.0.I encourage everybody using (or thinking of using) 0.7.0 to upgrade to
0.7.1 so we can get some feedback and get another stable release outsoon.Thanks!--Paul Winklerhttp://www.slinkp.com___
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[Zope] Re: ZODB documents

2000-08-07 Thread Carlos de la Guardia

There is an old how-to at:

There is also a slide presentation at:

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[Zope-dev] Adding files to a request feature

2000-06-02 Thread Carlos de la Guardia


I have created a very simple Search and Replace tab and added it to my
Zope´s management interface. I would like to contribute this to the Zope
distribution if possible. What process do I need to follow for you guys
to check it out. I found the collector and I imagine I could add a
request for a feature. But is there a way to include new files with

Thanks for your help.

Carlos de la Guardia

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