Hi Quan!

Thanks for the initiative of the follow up!

> To have a look at the planned tickets, please visit https://github.com/linagora/james-project/issues. We cannot expect people from the community to read a Linagora specific bugtracker

IMO we should sum up the planned tickets for JMAP onto the dedicated JIRA ticket on Apache James bugtracker:
 - Detail the implementation strategy
   (spawn a JMAP server on top of PG as fast as possible, using memory storage where needed,
    then removing the mempry code in favor of newly written PG code)
 - List the tasks and interfaces to implement - not sure we need to give all details all of the time though...  - Detail specific mechanism (I am thinking to EventStore transactionnality, data expiracy ie TTLs, etc...)

This would make it easier to follow the PG work and have people eventually provide feedback.

Best regards,


On 04/01/2024 08:08, Quan tran hong wrote:
Hi everyone,

This is another follow-up to our recent work on the Postgres topic.

In the last sprint:
- We migrated fully JPA code to Postgres. No more JPA code in the
postgres-app now. So at this moment, we had a fully functional IMAP server
on top of Postgres.
- We solved the flags concurrently update issue and proposed an ADR
explaining the solution.
- We implemented a blob store backed by Postgres.
   However, it is not mature yet as we are having concurrent issues with
PostgresBlobStore when Postgres persists blobs slowly using just a single
connection. On that, we are working on a Postgres pool connection to
improve the performance.
- We succeeded in plugging RabbitMQ as the event bus, S3 as the blob store,
and OpenSearch into the postgres-app.
   We provide configurable module choosers so users are free to choose the
implementation. For example, one could select S3/File/Postgres as his blob
store implementation.

In the coming time, we plan to implement the JMAP storage backed by
Postgres. To have a look at the planned tickets, please visit

Your feedback would be appreciated.



Vào Th 6, 15 thg 12, 2023 vào lúc 18:45 Quan tran hong <
quan.tranhong1...@gmail.com> đã viết:

Hi everyone,

Yet another following up on our recent Postgres work.

In the last sprint, our team successfully migrated the mailbox core module
`apache-james-mailbox-postgres` fully from JPA to Postgres. We did some
performance tests with the IMAP server backed by Postgres-app and the
result was very impressive: postgres-app outperformed JPA about 20 times
(at least look at the 99 percentile) with even less resource usage (CPU and
memory) compared to the jpa-app. For more details:

We are working on an ADR to explain our schema decision on the core tables
like mailbox and message tables, and also solving the flags concurrently
update issue.

In the coming time, we plan to:
- Migrate other remaining minor components from JPA code to Postgres.
- Plug the RabbitMQ, S3, OpenSearch into the Postgres-app.
   On that, we would try to implement alternative implementations with
Postgres e.g. BlobStore backed by Postgres. We would provide configurable
module choosers so users are free to choose the implementation.

Best regards,


Vào Th 2, 27 thg 11, 2023 vào lúc 19:55 Benoit TELLIER <
btell...@apache.org> đã viết:

Thanks for the write up Quan!

I would add that we shall rights ADRs about important decisions on the
PostgreSQL implementation.

So far I identified...

   - table structure for the postgresql mailbox
   - how deletes are handled
   - concurrency control for flag updates

Those ADR would be opened on the postgresql branch and eventually make
it to the James master branch.

Best regards,


On 27/11/2023 12:47, Quan tran hong wrote:
Hi everyone,

This is a follow-up on the Postgres implementation topic. We have been
working on this topic for a while and your feedback and expertise about
Postgres would be helpful :-)

For short:
- On the progress: We have implemented the SubscriptionMapper,
UsersRepository, DomainList, and MailboxMapper. We are working on
MessageMapper (a big one) and other components. We planned to have a
fully functional Postgres mailbox before moving to other blocks like
storage, search, JMAP support... Of course, we are hungry to have a
performance test for the Postgres mailbox, but it is too early ATM while
the core components are not ready.
- We use jOOQ library + r2dbc-postgresql so far, and the development
experience is overall good. The jOOQ documentation and examples are not
always ready TBH, but by doing a bit of research and ChatGPT, we
managed to
get jOOQ work so far.
- Sometimes Guice binding for Postgres code is not easy because we are
mixing up the JPA and Postgres code for now, which leads to some

So far developing James, at least for me, I experienced mostly NoSQL and
not SQL. So your SQL expertise would definitely help us with its best
For more details on what we did and plan to do on the Postgres topic,
can kindly review them at:

Best regards,


Vào Th 6, 13 thg 10, 2023 vào lúc 16:32 Matthieu Baechler <
matth...@baechler-craftsmanship.fr> đã viết:

Hi Benoit,

This topic has been discussed for years, I'm happy you finally draw a
for it.

To me, the aim for Postgres is small to middle size deployment with
minimal dependencies.

In that regard, having an implementation that spans across all
infrastructure needs is a must have.

So my take would be let's implement everything with PG: blob storage,
search, messaging and various data storage like Event Sourcing and

For a user, it will always be possible to plug another piece of
infrastructure if need be (like having better search or store more

The only nice-to-have to me would be the multi-tenant goal as you can
always spawn another James instance by domain (and you can use the
same PG
if you want by using several databases).

To answer the last questions: I would definitely be interested in using
this implementation (I use JPA for now). I could marginally contribute
it as I have experience with PG but my time is very limited (unless
wants to sponsor my work, of course). I can donate some code related to
Event Sourcing has I have an implementation of an Event Store on top
of PG
and some code around messaging. Let me know if you are interested in

In term of strategy, I think that would help James gain popularity
hobbyist and small businesses, so I think it worth trying.


-- Matthieu Baechler

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On Friday, October 6th, 2023 at 23:48, Benoit TELLIER <
btell...@linagora.com> wrote:

Hey there!

The goal: deliver James "stateless email server" concept to smaller
deployments than those addressable with the Distributed server.
Why Postgres? Rock solid. And more options than other SQL stores (see
The requirements would be:
- Leverage the blobStore for binary storage (email bodies +
attachements). Those big binaries are not meant to be stored into SQL
- blaming you, JPA!
- Bring choice on blob store : PGSQL native solution (
https://www.postgresql.org/docs/7.4/jdbc-binary-data.html  ) for small
deployments OR S3
- Bring choice on search: PGSQL native solution (
https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/textsearch.html  ) for small
deployments OR OpenSearch
- Bring choice on PubSub: PGSQL native solution (
https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/plpgsql-trigger.html  ) OR
- Enforce strict tenant isolation: domain A won't access domain B data
even if we screw up James access control layer. This can be done with
- Be reactive. This can be achieved by using a reactive firendly
like r2dbc...
- Ensure that we can easily run on some largely scaling postgres...
CitusData ?
An other outcome might be to drop JPA implementation, ideally... (we
provide something similar but waaaay better)
Ideally I would like to deliver this before september 2024...

Would this be something interesting people in here?
Would some people be interested contributing to this effort?
Would some people desire sponsoring this effort?

If this is non consensual, I can also contribute this into
https://github.com/linagora/tmail-backend/  without annoying people in


Best regards,


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Product owner for Team-Mail product.
Chairman of the Apache James project.

Tel: (0033) 6 77 26 04 58 (WhatsApp, Signal)

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