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> Hi,
> I read the shorewall man page regarding the "reload" and "restart" commands. 
> From a practical point of view and with default shorewall.conf settings in 
> 5.1, if I change/add/delete entries in the "rules" file, and issue the 
> "reload" command then I should expect the following:
> - existing connections will not be affected
> - the "new rules" will be processed and applied
> Same thing should happen when changing entries in snat, mangle, routes, 
> rtrules. The params file should also be re-read.
> Correct?
> So, with shorewall >=5.0.15, when would it be useful to issue the "restart" 
> command? The only scenario I can think of is if I wanted to interrupt active 
> connections (or at least preserve only those in "stoppedrules").

With ADMINISABSENTMINDED=Yes, active connections are not interrupted
during restart. New connections not allowed by stoppedrules are denied
during the time that the firewall is stopped.

With RESTART=restart, doing a 'restart' allows the 'stop' and 'stopped'
extension scripts to be executed whereas 'reload' does not. So if you
have something in those scripts that you want done, then 'restart' is

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