From: Tom Eastep <teas...@shorewall.net>
> So why don't you simply leave that route in place all of the time? Just

> define it in your distribution's networking config.

I'm used to using rtrules, routes, and providers with shorewall. I share those 
files with other members of the IT staff, and sometimes we need to change which 
provider provides a given subnet. Of course, all the routing (tables and rules) 
could be done by the OS, but it is more convenient for me to have it all within 
> The 'reload' command already supports the -n option.

If "reload -n" will NOT flush rules and tables previously created by "start" or 
"restart" then I guess I could use that, and move out the code I have in the 
files "stopped" and "started". 

> 'reload' and 'start' are basically the same command. 

..."-n" meaning "leave the routing alone".

In my case, I'd always use reload -n, except when making changes to "rtrules", 
"routes", and "providers".

Also, when shorewall "updates the routing tables/rules", it actually flushes 
everything and creates anew, right?

It doesn't really "update", or is it possible to do so?


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