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        Looks like IETF wants the global BOGONs to be attested by
        IANA rather than by an RIR from what you quoted.

    Yes, for resources not allocated by IANA or marked as Reserved
    But IANA has nothing to do with resources allocated to RIRs already.

        Any reason APNIC feels the need to usurp that process?

    Accordingly to IANA 103/8 was allocated to APNIC and now they
    don't have unallocated IPv4 address space.
    103/8       APNIC   2011-02         whois.apnic.net <http://whois.apnic.net>
    https://rdap.apnic.net/     ALLOCATED

    The policy is addressing the unallocated address space within APNIC

    If this policy is only speaking to /8 IPv4 blocks & IPv6 blocks
    which are administered by APNIC, it should be noted that because
    of inter-RIR transfers of IPv4 addresses between regions RIRs
    other than APNIC are now administering sub-portions of the larger
    IANA allocated blocks.  There are portions of a /8 for example
    which are now delegated to other RIRs for registrations in those
    regions.   Should it be assumed that those sub-portions
    administered by RIRs now are considered allocated (and not bogons)
    for purposes of this policy?

The policy is for unallocated address space (v4 and v6) under APNIC bucket. If the resources has been transferred to other RIRs means they are not unallocated anymore. If a /8 has been chopped by IANA and allocated to multiple RIRs e.g. 202/8 then APNIC will create AS0 ROAs for only those unallocated address space under APNIC's management. Any address space which is not under APNIC's resource bucket is not covered by this policy. I hope that answers your question.

I'd like to suggest that the text "in its bucket" is not very well defined.  Can I suggest this updated policy text to clarify the intent as you've described.

APNIC will create AS0(zero) ROAs for all the unallocated (IPv4 and IPv6) address space for which APNIC is the current administrator.  APNIC will not create AS0(zero) ROAs for any block which is currently allocated or transferred to another RIR, or is a private, special purpose, or any other IANA reserved or unallocated block.

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