Hi Andrew,
Good suggestion, it makes more sense and very well noted. I will made the
change accordingly. Let me see if any other suggestions comes out later
today otherwise I will update the policy.


Aftab A. Siddiqui

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 10:13 AM Andrew Dul <andrew....@quark.net> wrote:

> Hello!
> On 8/15/2019 5:00 PM, Aftab Siddiqui wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
>> On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 5:10 PM Owen DeLong <o...@delong.com> wrote:
>>> Looks like IETF wants the global BOGONs to be attested by IANA rather
>>> than by an RIR from what you quoted.
>> Yes, for resources not allocated by IANA or marked as Reserved But IANA
>> has nothing to do with resources allocated to RIRs already.
>>> Any reason APNIC feels the need to usurp that process?
>> Accordingly to IANA 103/8 was allocated to APNIC and now they don't have
>> unallocated IPv4 address space.
>> 103/8 APNIC 2011-02 whois.apnic.net https://rdap.apnic.net/ ALLOCATED
>> The policy is addressing the unallocated address space within APNIC
>> If this policy is only speaking to /8 IPv4 blocks & IPv6 blocks which are
>> administered by APNIC, it should be noted that because of inter-RIR
>> transfers of IPv4 addresses between regions RIRs other than APNIC are now
>> administering sub-portions of the larger IANA allocated blocks.  There are
>> portions of a /8 for example which are now delegated to other RIRs for
>> registrations in those regions.   Should it be assumed that those
>> sub-portions administered by RIRs now are considered allocated (and not
>> bogons) for purposes of this policy?
> The policy is for unallocated address space (v4 and v6) under APNIC
> bucket. If the resources has been transferred to other RIRs means they are
> not unallocated anymore. If a /8 has been chopped by IANA and allocated to
> multiple RIRs e.g. 202/8 then APNIC will create AS0 ROAs for only those
> unallocated address space under APNIC's management. Any address space which
> is not under APNIC's resource bucket is not covered by this policy. I hope
> that answers your question.
> I'd like to suggest that the text "in its bucket" is not very well
> defined.  Can I suggest this updated policy text to clarify the intent as
> you've described.
> APNIC will create AS0(zero) ROAs for all the unallocated (IPv4 and IPv6)
> address space for which APNIC is the current administrator.  APNIC will not
> create AS0(zero) ROAs for any block which is currently allocated or
> transferred to another RIR, or is a private, special purpose, or any other
> IANA reserved or unallocated block.
> Hope this helps,
> Andrew
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