It occurred to me that kind people make the world better regardless of what
they do. Technology is only as kind as the intention behind it.

Apropos vulnerable populations, nearly everyone is vulnerable somehow. For
one unsure of one's diction, a dictionary is a very empowering tool. Or,
for one who's insecure about looking good, a makeup tutorial app must be a
great help.

Intention matters.

Facebook comes to mind as an example of an app that is incredibly useful,
but not very kind. It has touched millions of lives, but the people behind
it tend to prioritize profit over mental health and addiction concerns.

In the Indian context, Aadhaar comes to mind as a useful but not very kind

To my way of thinking, kindness is a feeling that is approached from the
heart and not the head.

The head works on tangible outcomes and doesn't give much importance to

The heart is less concerned about what gets done and more concerned about
how it gets done.

Not my phrase, but I like it, "We are human beings, not human doings". I
like to dream that the world will realize the value of the heart more often.

I will now go back to lurk space.


On Feb 4, 2018 6:14 PM, "Harnidh Kaur" <> wrote:

Hi SilkList!

I don’t think most of you know this, but I work in the development space
and we’re always trying to find cool ways to make tech make the world
better. I’ve been trying to read up more about the same. So, here.

Is ‘kind technology’ a thing? Where people are trying to change gears of
existing/incumbent technology to specifically serve vulnerable populations?

Any existing ideas/something you’re working on/things you think SHOULD find
a kind tech iteration. Gimme!

Harnidh Kaur
Lady Shri Ram College for Women '15
St. Xavier's College, Mumbai '17

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