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> Kindness when it becomes second nature greatly improves one's quality of
> life.

Just adding a few thoughts:

Cheeni's thoughts reminded me of the talks given Tristan Harris:
http://humanetech.com/problem/. Managing this information overload and
increasing attention spans to focus on useful goals is one thing.

Also, as someone who is hearing impaired, I cringe every-time when popular
podcasts without transcripts are published. NetFlix and Youtube in large
numbers have ushered in captions en-masse which do help for majority of the
videos. However in public places (cinemas, airports, railways, hospitals,
office, conferences) there is no inclusive access to the hearing impaired
at large. They are bound to miss the announcements on speakers and oral
stuff. This is a space where kind technology can largely help and become an
enabler in a way it democratizes large sections of the the disabled
population, so that these people do not feel left out.

- Bharat

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