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I love that thought, thanks Cheeni. It's definitely worth keeping around as
we build things. It also reminds me that @jonnysun has made two interesting
Twitter bots that fit this conversation—@tinycarebot and @tinydotblot
They both really suit the medium well.

Those are nice bots. I'll add that kindness is a flavour that can be added
to any dish.

Everyday acts can be kind, like a retailer who offers a genuine discount
during Christmas, not to push sales but because it's the season of giving.

Kindness doesn't have to advertise itself, the very act is its own reward.

An amusing memory I recall from living in the US is the note at the end of
Federal forms that they comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act. It's an
act of kindness that would go unnoticed, if not for the legally required

Kindness when it becomes second nature greatly improves one's quality of

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