I continue to be confused about how to enable the core ulimit upon boot, before s6-svscan starts. AFAICT, the sysctl service (which starts after s6-svscan) can configure only one parameter, core_pattern, with which I can only set a location. That is good but not enough. The needed ulimit invocation wherever I put it comes in later by which time s6-svscan is already launched with a core size of 0. So, I used a bigger hammer by altering the s6-supervise process' core ulimit and that gave me the core, found the bug, etc. Yaay.

I am in over my head. I know next to zero about runlevels and the initialization orchestra. What is the correct way to get s6 to give me something that looks like runlevel 5 (a graphical display manager)? From my reading, is via bundles and I get the concept, but what is it that I should bundle? Please ignore the question if it's out of place.

 Well, to answer your questions, we'd have to know more details about
your setup and what exactly you are doing.

 Are you using a distribution? Which one? How are you launching the
s6 supervision tree: is it the first thing when you boot (i.e. you're
using s6-linux-init)? Is it a part of your standard distribution boot
sequence, in which case you likely already have a service manager?
What role do you want s6 to play here?


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