> In order to change this default, you need to modify stage 1. 

after that all child processes will use these settings as default.

> After that, if your services still cannot create coredumps, then it
> means the kernel sets the hard limit at 0, and that will be more
> difficult to work around. (Might be time to give an option back to
> s6-softlimit so it can modify hard limits as well...)

what about making /sbin/init a shell script that execs into s6-l-i?
e. g. /sbin/init (symlink to /sbin/s6-init.sh):


umask 0022
ulimit -Sc 0 # set soft limit for coredumpsize here
cd /

export PATH

hostname darkstar # set default hostname, can be changed later

exec s6-setsid -sI /bin/s6-linux-init -c "/etc/s6-linux-init/current" -m 0022 \
  -p "$PATH" -s "/run/initenv" -- ${1+"$@"}

now you can set both limits (soft and hard) in the right place
via ulimit -S -c (soft) and ulimit -H -c (hard) using the shell's "ulimit" 

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