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> G:El lun, 8 ago 2022 a las 16:23, Liviu Nicoara escribió:
> >
> You bundle the s6-rc atomic services.that you want up when you enter
> (an equivalent of) runlevel 5. If when you say "runlevel 5" you are
> thinking of Debian or something like it, those would be, more or less,
> s6-rc versions of all /etc/rcS.d/S* and /etc/rc5.d/S* services, if I
> remember the details of Debian's (non-systemd) init system correctly.

Ok, that is a good starting point for me.

> Your earlier posts do not mention s6-rc, though, only s6, so I'm not
> sure if the system that you are dealing with is using it.

Yep, s6 and s6-rc (artix w/ s6). Will do my own homework.

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