On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 4:51 AM Laurent Bercot <ska-skaw...@skarnet.org>

> >
>   Well, to answer your questions, we'd have to know more details about
> your setup and what exactly you are doing.
>   Are you using a distribution? Which one? How are you launching the
> s6 supervision tree: is it the first thing when you boot (i.e. you're
> using s6-linux-init)? Is it a part of your standard distribution boot
> sequence, in which case you likely already have a service manager?
> What role do you want s6 to play here?

I converted all my arch boxes to artix a while ago, and I opted for s6
after reading the "why another supervision suite" page. All is peachy and I
never used a display manager (starting my graphical window manager from the
console) until I decided to start using ly, which has no s6 support. Yes,
my system uses s6-linux-init and I am using s6-rc as a service manager. I
am currently reading and trying to understand the differences between
runlevels and what services should run in one vs the other and trying to
figure out what to bundle in my default in order to get to use this
particular display manager.

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