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Subject: [SLUG] What ftpd - oh the choices ?

> Hi all,
> I need to add an ftpd to my Debian laptop and wwondered what ppl have used
and can recommend and what not maybe to use.
> Previously I just had put the install scripts put one on for me but now I
can see I have quite a few choices.
> Use is mainly for home machine<-->machine but will be using at at uni
where it will be effectively directly connected
> so security is a concern. (my IRIX box here shows several attemps / week)
> But also I wont be using virtual hosts or anything fancy (hence dont need
proftp). So simpliclity is a plus.
> Users will be mainly me at uni.
> Anyone used oftpd, vsftpd or twoftpd.

On my Debian box I use vsftpd, couldn't be happier with it.  Real
lightweight, good throughput, and no known buffer overflows or anything :)
Can't be too bad - ftp.redhat.com runs on it, as does ftp.openbsd.org

On my FreeBSD boxes I use lukemftpd, so far, there isn't much of a
difference, lukemftpd can do a couple things that vsftpd can't - like chroot
and kerberos/S-key  authentication


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