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> Thanks Michael for the proftpd suggestion. The description of it from
> apt-cache show seemed like it was very powerful and provided features
> I
> wont be using so I assumed the config files might be more complex too
> which may not be the case. So its in the basket to consider now.

Someone mentioned it had security issues previously, and just like any product 
that is released they all have a past. However the security issue I remember it 
having, was found and fixed within days.

As other have also suggested we have a wide choice of other suitable ftpd's, 
personally I've found proftpd to be simple, and yet if you must vi the 
proftpd.conf, its not that difficult to understand.

However I believe recently, debconf can be used to manage/maintain the 
proftpd.conf and you get a prompt at install time if you want to do this.

I think I might take a look at someones suggestion just recently of vsftpd was 
it. Sounds interesting.


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