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scp? mind you I run proftpd for the poor ppl without good set of
security tools and don't have virtuals... it locks things down

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Thursday, December 5, 2002, 12:53:21 AM, you wrote:

JW> <quote who="Michael Lake">

>> Use is mainly for home machine<-->machine but will be using at at uni
>> where it will be effectively directly connected so security is a concern.
>> (my IRIX box here shows several attemps / week) But also I wont be using
>> virtual hosts or anything fancy (hence dont need proftp). So simpliclity
>> is a plus.
>> Users will be mainly me at uni.
>> Anyone used oftpd, vsftpd or twoftpd.

JW> I'd recommend vsftpd, it's very secure and fast on Linux. Great stuff.

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