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Subject: RE: [SLUG] What ftpd - oh the choices ?

> > > > I need to add an ftpd to my Debian laptop and wwondered what
> > > > ppl have used and can recommend and what not maybe to use.
> > >
> > > apt-get install proftpd
> >
> > >But also I wont be using virtual hosts or anything fancy
> > (hence dont need
> > proftp). So simpliclity is a plus
> Just because proftpd can do this fancy stuff, doesn't mean its not easy. I
> don't use those functions and never have. However I use it, because out of
> the box its ready to roll, and not to mention very secure. End case!

I'd have to disagree on both points there - it might be ready to roll, but
it has been the victim of some very serious security flaws in the past.  I
think that, when compared to lukemftpd or vsftpd, proftpd is overkill.


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