As Joshua Memtioned, the problem is ZFS only consider physical block size when 
we try to replace an 512e device to a ashift=9 pool.
We will test the patched platform.

在 16/9/21 03:00,“Joshua M. Clulow”<> 写入:

    On 20 September 2016 at 07:00, InterNetX - Juergen Gotteswinter
    <> wrote:
    > try changing this in /kernel/drv/sd.conf
    > sd-config-list=
    >         "",
 This is not likely to help.  The original post is about a pool with
 512 byte sectors, and replacement with a 4K/512e disk.
 The problem is that ZFS currently only considers the physical block
 size, which is already 4K, when attaching a device to a pool.  In this
 particular case, though it is likely suboptimal, it is technically
 acceptable to attach a 512e device to the pool.  That's what the
 patched platform I linked to has been modified to do, and what OS-4718
 Joshua M. Clulow
 UNIX Admin/Developer

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