On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 12:39:51 PM UTC+1, mac98aop wrote:
> Use it all the time here too in London, buses, tubes (a little laggy with 
> iPhone 6) but very convenient and works really well.
> If there really is no TouchID on the rumoured iPhone 8, and it's all 
> facial recognition, I'm fascinated to see how it's interested - as can't 
> imagine how I tap in and out of buses and tubes using my phone and my face 
> at the same time?!
> Let's see what our favourite engineers in Cupertino come up with!
> I read recently that in urban China, there are two 'Apple Pay' 
> equivalents, and now most restaurants just take those - cash, bank cards 
> etc are out of vogue, apparently. Interesting.
> Adam
> On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 10:53:18 AM UTC+1, A C Crooks wrote:
>> Sam says; 
>> "Am looking forward to ios11 and peer to peer payments too, though I hope 
>> Apple doesn't take a cut of those" 
>> Of course the banks already have the Payment peer-to-peer system, and 
>> PayPal has something similar. Both require both sides to be registered for 
>> it to work and I don't think that there has been great take up for these in 
>> the UK. 
>> In any event I wonder how often we need to make an immediate transfer to 
>> someone else? Most electronic transfers get credited the same day, unless 
>> the recipient banks are similar to, say, Nationwide in which case it can 
>> take 1-3 days to clear. 
>> I think it was last year that the clearing banks announced faster 
>> clearing of electronic transfers so that by end-2017 these should be 
>> completed more or less immediately, certainly less than 24 hours. 
>> I'm sure that in the US Apple's peer-to-peer payments will make for a big 
>> improvement to the US fragmented banking system. 
>> I read that in the early days of the iTunes Store, Apple used to store 
>> your micro payments for single track purchases until you spent at least 
>> $2:50 in order to minimise bank transfer costs. And if you spent, say, only 
>> 99 cents in any six month period they didn't collect your payment at all. 
>> Of course, I've no means of verifying if I benefited from this but I do 
>> remember that sometimes I would get an email invoice, and my account 
>> debited, until I'd bought several tracks over a reasonably long period. 
>> Always puzzled me about this so maybe Apple were being altruistic about 
>> minimising bank charges. 
>> Regards, 
>> Tony 
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