I've been wondering the extent that other SMUGGERS are using Apple Pay?

I've just been reviewing recent purchases made with Apple Pay, using the 
transaction list in the Wallet app, and realised that;

1. I use Apple Pay pretty much every day,
2. I use it from 10-20 times per week, and
3. I use for even small purchases, less than £5, frequently - coffees, car 
parking, beer, etc.

The major UK banks have raised the threshold for contactless payments via 
payment systems such as Apple Pay from £30 max to an unknown upper limit. It 
isn't possible, except by trial and error, to find out which outlets allow 
contactless payments above the £30 threshold. I assume that this has more to do 
with 'merchant services' providers rather than retailer's own policies.

As far as I can tell the only national retailer that doesn't accept Apple Pay, 
or any payment by smartphone, is W H Smith, although their card payment systems 
do allow contactless payments. I assume they are slow to roll out full 
contactless payments.

Here in East Devon quite a few local authority car parks have adapted their 
parking ticket machines for contactless, usually WavePay. The RFID readers are 
either low powered, or suffer from adverse weather as the car parks I regularly 
use my iPhone at are inconsistent in accepting an Apple Pay transaction. Some 
Wetherspoons also seem to be having similar problems - cards OK, smartphones 
intermittently don't work.

I regard Apple Pay as secure, less fiddly than cards, and pretty quick. And I 
find I use cash even less frequently now than before I became an Apple Pay 
'addict'. Must be becoming quite normal now as a year ago people used to 
express surprise about it but now in many places I visit payment this way is 
almost expected - card machine waved at you expecting a contactless payment. 

How is it for you? 


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