> I understand. I have no reasonable explanation for your experience.
> There have been no other reported problems and I have been unable to
> recreate your conditions.
> BB> I just once more "installed" the 2.3.2 exe, we'll see what happens. As
it is
> BB> close to 9 PM overhere it should not disrupt any business going on and
> BB> me do some testing.
> Thanks for your efforts.

Well, still no problems so far so I'll write it up to ..... <earth rays,
solar spots, pick whatever you want>.
It seems it was a one time thing.

> One change you should make is to adjust your Declude configuration so
> that your message file name is emitted into your message headers. This
> way when a false positive does occur we can match the message up to
> the log entries and identify the rule or rules that fired.

Did that, so for the next time something like this happens...... ;)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Bonno Bloksma

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