Thanks Bryan, but ... errr - I was hoping to find out if PF ran like a dog on 
it **before** I splashed the cash to get one in!!! 

Matheus - I have got up to 480Mb/s on a Supermicro Atom based server 
(SYS-5015A-EHF-D525) with Intel NICs using standard FreeBSD igb driver in PF 

Most tests show an average of 320Mb/s. So I was a bit disappointed with that - 
but now you've told me you're not even getting 150Mbs - perhaps I'm just being 
plain greedy!?!?

I'm not cooking the CPU, this is the Atom D525 dual core atom with hyperthreads 
and yes I see 4 X CPUs in PF. So I guess this is just the infamous PFSense 
issue with Intel NIC drivers..?

Or just FreeBSD itself.....?


On 21 Sep 2012, at 15:33, Bryan Irvine wrote:

> Send me a couple and ill figure all that out for you!  ;)
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> On Sep 21, 2012, at 2:58 AM, Jeff Rhys-Jones <> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> Has anyone had a chance to run some benchmarks using the net6501 and pfsense 
>> 2.x?
>> What is the max interface to interface firewall&routing the net6501 will 
>> handle?
>> Cheers,
>> Jeff
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