Could be something with selection priority, considering that you mentioned the 
rig in scene. If there is joint somewhere, it will shows its priority somehow 
in that way. However I wouldn't suggest you to play with preferences related to 
selection priority, as one particular option could create problems with 
One 'typically Maya' workaround could be switching into vertex component mode 
with marque selection, selecting overlapping objects from there, and going back 
to object mode - or, just forget the view-port and use the Outliner. That said, 
it has to be f8 component mode. Component mode from marking menu is different 
thing, with own set of rules and problems.
That unbelievably over-complicated and still not competitive selection to other 
app is sort of Maya tradition, don't believe it has anything with consumer 
graphic cards.
Perhaps only one selection preference that worth to change ( and it's 
harmless), is smaller 'tweak dead space', to avoid unwanted selections of 
vertices in tweak mode.

Regrading Maya 2016, this is last qt4 version, everything above is less stable 
and even more 'mad'. 2018 fixed some old problems but also introduced a set of 
new, like corrupted meshes with some sculpting brushes. As Myara said, unless 
you just need features like Time Editor - your best upgrade is Maya 2016.5 or 

      From: Morten Bartholdy <>
 To: "Userlist, Softimage" <> 
 Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2018 11:19 AM
 Subject: OTish - todays Maya rant and Q - selecting items
Am I the only one being seriously annoyed by the seeming inaccuracy of 
selection of items in Maya viewports?

I click directly on geometry with plenty of screenspace around, and Maya 
selects an adjacent object. Orbit a bit and dolly in, try again - Maya selects 
another irrelevant adjacent object. Click elsewhere on object I want to select, 
and finally I get to select it. WTF were they thinking?

I find myself selecting adjacent objects and rig elements, making quick 
selection sets (so I can quickly find and unhide them again) and hiding them, 
just to select one particular object. Needless to say it is a massive waste of 

Is there a reason behind this madness or is is something like depth sorting 
inaccuracy or what??

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