Aaron Trevena wrote:
On 28/11/2007, Ryan McKinley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: no
segments* file found in

The configuration is identical to a working installation on another
server so I know there is nothing wrong with that, and there is no
more additional information available in nohup.out , there is no error
log either.

This does not look like an configuration problem, it looks like a data
problem.  If you copy the data from the identical working installation
does everything work ok?

I can try that, but I'd much rather it Just Worked (TM) - given I
can't use the web interface to add files to the index, I'm reluctant
to trust it as a fallback server - particularly as our "working" solr
installation has had to be restarted twice this month

I'm only talking about the data, not the configs. From the error it looks like your index is broken. If you can rebuild it that is probably the best option. If you have a backup elsewhere, that should also work.

( the admin
interface, which we need for analyse.jsp (yuck - screenscraping - how
very early 90s) keeps on disappearing).

what servlet container are you running? is it jetty? Any chance it is related to:

re screenscraping, most of the admin interface has request handler equivalents now - except analysis.jsp - This would be a good one to refactor.


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