: > Deleting the index directory and restarting seems like the plan - I'll
: > try that next.
: Tried this - it worked.

Just to be very explicit about this for posterity: the dataDir (as 
specified in the solrconfig.xml, or the default of "data" in the solr home 
dir) must exist when you start Solr or Solr will complain with an 
appropriate error message.  if the dataDir does not contain an "index" 
directory, Solr will happily create one for you -- but if it does contain 
an index directory, Solr will (justifiably) assume that there is suppose 
to be an index there and will let you know about any low level Lucene 
errors opening that index.

Incidently: this thread probably should have been on solr-user.


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