If your fields are of type string, you have to match them exactly.

But the general queries are probably going against _text_ or similar which
copyFields context of all other fields without storing but tokenize with
its own text rules.

Check df parameter in solrconfig.xml or params.json.


On 16 Sep 2016 10:06 PM, "Pritchett, James" <jpritch...@learningally.org>

I apologize if this is a really stupid question. I followed all
instructions on installing Tutorial, got data loaded, everything works
great until I try to query with a field name -- e.g., name:foundation. I
get zero results from this or any other query which specifies a field name.
Simple queries return results, and the field names are listed in those
results correctly. But if I query using names that I know are there and
values that I know are there, I get nothing.

I figure this must be something basic that is not right about the way
things have gotten set up, but I am completely blocked at this point. I
tried blowing it all away and restarting from scratch with no luck. Where
should I be looking for problems here? I am running this on a MacBook, OS X
10.9, latest JDK (1.8).



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