On 2/9/2018 9:29 AM, Webster Homer wrote:
A little more background. Our production Solrclouds are populated via CDCR,
CDCR does not replicate commits, Commits to the target clouds happen via
autoCommit settings

We see relvancy scores get inconsistent when there are too many deletes
which seems to happen when hard commits don't happen.

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 10:25 AM, Webster Homer <webster.ho...@sial.com>

I we do have autoSoftcommit set to 3 seconds. It is NOT the visibility of
the records that is my primary concern. I am concerned about is the
accumulation of uncommitted tlog files and the larger number of deleted

For the deleted documents: Have you ever done an optimize on the collection? If so, you're going to need to re-do the optimize regularly to keep deleted documents from growing out of control. See this issue for a very technical discussion about it:


Deleted documents probably aren't really related to what we've been discussing. That shouldn't really be strongly affected by commit settings.


A 3 second autoSoftCommit is VERY aggressive. If your soft commits are taking longer than 3 seconds to complete, which is often what happens, then that will lead to problems. I wouldn't expect it to cause the kinds of problems you describe, though. It would manifest as Solr working too hard, logging warnings or errors, and changes taking too long to show up.

Assuming that the config for autoSoftCommit doesn't have the typo that Erick mentioned.


I have never used CDCR, so I know very little about it. But I have seen reports on this mailing list saying that transaction logs never get deleted when CDCR is configured.

Below is a link to a mailing list discussion related to CDCR not deleting transaction logs. Looks like for it to work right a buffer needs to be disabled, and there may also be problems caused by not having a complete zkHost string in the CDCR config:


Erick also mentioned this.


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