Hi. All.
    I got a problem with distributed solr search. The issue is 
    I have 76M documents spread over 76 solr instances, each instance handles 
1M documents. 
   Previously I put all 76 instances on single server and when I tested I found 
each time it runs, it will take several times, mostly 10-20s to finish a 
   Now, I split these instances into 2 servers. each one with 38 instances. the 
search speed is about 5-10s each time. 
10s is a bit unacceptable for me. And based on my observation, the slow is 
caused by disk operation as all theses instances are on same server. Because 
when I test each single instance, it is purely fast, always ~400ms. When I use 
distributed search, I found some instance say it need 7000+ms. 
   Our server has plenty of memory free of use. I am thinking is there a way we 
can make solr use more memory instead of harddisk index, like, load all indexes 
into memory so it can speed up?

welcome any help.

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