How does your queries look like? Do you use faceting, highlighting, ... ?
Did you try to customize the cache?
Setting the HashDocSet to "0.005 of all documents" improves our search speed a 
Did you optimize the index?

500ms seems to be slow for an 'average' search. I am not an expert but without 
highlighting it should be faster as 100ms or at least 200ms


> Hi.
>    Thanks for replying.
>    My document has many different fields(about 30 fields, 10 different type 
> of documents but these are not the point ) and I have to search over several 
> fields. 
>    I was putting all 76M documents into several lucene indexes and use the 
> default ParaSearch to search over these indexes. That was slow, 
> more than 20s.
>    Then someone suggested I need to merge all our indexes into a huge one, he 
> thought lucene can handle 76M documents in one index easily. Then I merged 
> all the documents into a single huge one(which took me 3 days) . That time, 
> the index folder is about 15G(I don't store info into index, just index 
> them). Actually the search is still very slow, more than 20s too, and looks 
> slower than use several indexes. 
>    Then I come to solr. Why I put 1M into each core is I found when a core 
> has 1M document, the search speed is fast, range from 0-500ms, which is 
> acceptable. I don't know how many documents to saved in one core is proper. 
>    The problem is even if I put 2M documents into each core. Then I have only 
> 36 cores at the moment. But when our documents doubles in the future, same 
> issue will rise again. So I don't think save 1M in each core is the issue. 
>    The issue is I put too many cores into one server. I don't have extra 
> server to spread solr cores. So we have to improve solr search speed from 
> some other way. 
>    Any suggestion?
> Regards.
> Scott
> ??2010-07-15 15:24:08??"Fornoville, Tom" <> ??????
>> Is there any reason why you have to limit each instance to only 1M
>> documents?
>> If you could put more documents in the same core I think it would
>> dramatically improve your response times.
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>> Subject: How to speed up solr search speed
>> Hi. All.
>>    I got a problem with distributed solr search. The issue is 
>>    I have 76M documents spread over 76 solr instances, each instance
>> handles 1M documents. 
>>   Previously I put all 76 instances on single server and when I tested
>> I found each time it runs, it will take several times, mostly 10-20s to
>> finish a search. 
>>   Now, I split these instances into 2 servers. each one with 38
>> instances. the search speed is about 5-10s each time. 
>> 10s is a bit unacceptable for me. And based on my observation, the slow
>> is caused by disk operation as all theses instances are on same server.
>> Because when I test each single instance, it is purely fast, always
>> ~400ms. When I use distributed search, I found some instance say it need
>> 7000+ms. 
>>   Our server has plenty of memory free of use. I am thinking is there a
>> way we can make solr use more memory instead of harddisk index, like,
>> load all indexes into memory so it can speed up?
>> welcome any help.
>> Thanks.
>> Regards.
>> Scott


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