On 04/04/2018 05:09 AM, Michael Mraka wrote:
> Michael Watters:
>>> You can check the path with
>>> select * from rhnpackage where id = 11570;
>>> But the message indicates some sort of error while you were synchronizing 
>>> your repos. I would try to locate this problem "package" within SW in the 
>>> "Channels" -> "Manage Software Channels" -> "Manage software packages" and 
>>> try to *fully* delete this package and try to re-sync.
>>> Robert
>> No luck.  I deleted the package and reran spacewalk-repo-sync which
>> claims to have downloaded the package but yum updates still fail.  The
>> interesting part is spacewalk-repo-sync keeps trying to download the
>> same 33 packages every time I download it.  For example, here's the output.
> Hello Michael,
> How did you deleted the package? Just the file in /var/satellite?
> Then the the wrong record in database is still there.
> You can try spacewalk-data-fsck to if there's any see mismatch between
> db and filesystem (and there's also a limited functionality to "repair"
> errors).

I removed the file in /var/satellite and then ran spacewalk-repo-sync
which showed the package being downloaded again.  Here is what is shown
when I sync the channel.


Running the spacewalk-repo-sync again results in the same packages being
imported, it's almost as if they're never making it into the database.

I've ran spacewalk-data-fsck to remove packages missing in the database
and to fix missing files which also did not help.

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