On 03/29/2018 06:48 AM, Paschedag, Robert wrote:
> You can check the path with
> select * from rhnpackage where id = 11570;
> But the message indicates some sort of error while you were synchronizing 
> your repos. I would try to locate this problem "package" within SW in the 
> "Channels" -> "Manage Software Channels" -> "Manage software packages" and 
> try to *fully* delete this package and try to re-sync.
> Robert

Something is definitely wrong with the database, the path is not defined
in the rhnpackage table.

spacewalk=# select path from rhnpackage where id = 11570;
(1 row)

I manually updated the path using the following query and and updates
are being served properly again.

spacewalk=# update rhnpackage set path = 
 where id = 11570 ;

Not sure how the db got into this state in the first place but it may
help to add a feature to spacewalk-data-fsck to correct the file paths.

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