i'm writing here because i've a strange behaviour with no clue on how to 
resolve it. 
There is no load on CPU, ram is mostly free, no IO wait, no processus stuck a 
100%. In log file (tomcat/postresql,...) nothing about error or warning.
No recent modification on the system.

When i want to access spacewalk web interface (or API) this one sometimes 
answer after a very long time, and sometimes get error 500. Same behaviour with 
the spacecmd cli command.

I really don't understand because i've another spacewalk on another server and 
this one work like a charm.

My setup : VM with 2vpcu 8Gb RAM near 200 clients spacewalk 2.8, used only for 
patching and sometimes kickstart new server.
 JAVA_OPTS -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m, tried with 4096 but no difference.

I don't know which log to put here due to the fact i found no error trace.

For now the only solution I imagine is to backup and restore to a new server 
freshly installed my spacewalk.

Thank you for help.

Lionel Caignec 

Centre Informatique National de l' Enseignement Supérieur 
950 rue de Saint Priest 
34097 MONTPELLIER Cedex 5 
Tel : (33) 04 67 14 14 14
Fax : (33)04 67 52 37 63 

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