At 12:15 PM Sunday, 6/15/2003, Theo Van Dinter wrote -=>
> Jun 14 07:28:29 yoda2 spamd[1289]: debug: entering helper-app run mode
> Jun 14 07:28:32 yoda2 spamd[1289]: debug: Using results from Razor v2.34
> Could this be related to cpu speed or dns or my setup?

"entering" happens when Razor is about to run.  "Using" happens after the
result has been received.  So the 3 seconds is what it takes to contact
the Razor server, send them the query, get the result, and disconnect.

That's dependent on a number of things, but typically network speed and
how loaded the Razor servers are.

I have a dsl connection of 768/384, local dns.

I get the same 3 second delay running "razor-admin -d --discover"
Jun 15 09:24:36.408157 admin[11738]: [ 5] Finding Discovery Servers via DNS in the zone
Jun 15 09:24:39.191490 admin[11738]: [ 6] Found 1 Discovery Servers via DNS in the zone

Would it help do you think if I put the discovery server entries in the hosts file?

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